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replace mass air sensor

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Q: What does code number P1519 mean and how do you fix the problem?
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What does the medical code 54505 mean?

That is not a correct code number.

What do a product of a number mean?

A product of a number is the answer for a multiplication problem.

What do code p0304 mean on a 99 expedition?

the number 4 cylinder in the engine is misfiring. that SUV should have an ignition coil on plug which is a common problem.

What does a code 43 on a 1990 Honda accord mean?

Code 43 is a problem in the fuel delivery system.

What does the service engine light mean on a Chevy Corsica?

It means the computer has detected a problem with the emissions system. It could be a number of things. Have the computer scanned to recover the code. This will help you determine what the problem may be.

99civic has code P1758 what is the problem?

On a 1999 Civic, the code, P1758 usually means that there is a problem with the automatic transaxle. The transaxle is part of the drive train and 2wheel or 4wheel drive. This code can also mean a problem with the Clutch Solenoid.

What is the code PI877 mean on a Lincoln ls?

pcv valve problem?

Number the stars?

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What does error code 13 mean on a 1998 buick lesabre mean?

the 2 digit code 13 means- problem with oxygen sensor or circuit

What does the diagnostic code po460 mean on a ford windstar?

this code means there is a problem with the fuel level sensor curcuit

What does engine code p0101 mean?

Trouble code P0101 means:Mass or volume circuit range performance problem

What does code p0753 on 94 Lexus mean?

Trouble code P0753 means: Shift solenoid A electrical problem

What does Jaguar error code P160A mean?

it means that what ever is telling you this error code has a problem because there is no Jaguar error code P160A.

What does the p2135 code mean on your Ford Focus?

There is a problem with the throttle posistion sensor

What code does p0562 mean?

The vehicle has a charging problem, perhaps a faulty alternator.

What does a p1130 error code mean for my Nissan?

swirl control valve problem.

What does Pin Code mean?

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What does the trouble code p1174 mean?

P1147 is the code thrown when a problem occurs with either an O2 Sensor or its electrical harness.

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What does code PO141 mean for a 1998 Buick Century Custom?

02 sensor problem

Why car diagnostic scanner shows the code P0404 what does that mean?

You have a problem with the EGR system.

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