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What does compliance mean?

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To be in compliance means to adhere to all laws, rules, and


Compliance (regulation), the act adhering to,

and demonstrating adherence to, a standard or regulation.

Regulatory compliance refers to systems or

departments at corporations and public agencies to ensure that

personnel are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws

and regulations. In general, compliance means conforming to a

specification or policy, standard or law that has been clearly


Compliance (or Adherence) is a medical

term that is used to indicate a patient's correct

following of medical advice. Most commonly it is a patient taking

medication (drug compliance), but may also apply to use of surgical

appliances such as compression stockings, chronic wound care,

self-directed physiotherapy exercises, or attending counseling or

other courses of therapy.

Compliance (psychology) is a form of social

influence that involves a direct request, often by a person in

need, such as a friend or acquaintance who asked for a favor, or a

stranger who requests directions or the time of day.

Compliance (physiological) a measure of the

tendency of a hollow organ to resist recoil toward its original

dimensions upon removal of a distending or compressing force. It is

the reciprocal of "elastance".

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