What does conception mean?

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CONCEPTION : the beginning or imagining of an object or idea Generally, the term is used to designate the initial stages of a plan or project, when its parameters are created. More specifically, it is used in society and medicine to designate the formation of a human embryo by the combination of a sperm cell and an egg cell. It is the first stage in creating a new person. ( French concevoir, to create)

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Q: What does conception mean?
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What does ideals mean?

a conception of something in highest perfection

What does it mean by the Immaculate Conception?

Mary is the Immaculate Conception most people think it is Jesus. They are wrong. To be the Immaculate Conception you would have to born without original sin and you must have grace.

Does conception date mean when the sperm meets the egg?


What do you mean by Conception age?

Conception age is the age in which you (a female) are physically able to have a child. This age is debatedly between 18-40.

When does the fetus develop a heart beat in a late conception?

Wth is a "late" conception? Do you mean at the end of the fertile period? That would be irrelevant. Conception, not fertility is the start of pregnancy, so heart beat begins roughly two weeks after conception. Late has nothing to do with it.

Does conception mean when the sperm enters the egg and becomes fertile?


What does place of conception mean?

The place in the uterus where the sperm and egg meet and attach.

If during a ultrasound the doctor says the baby is 16 weeks along does that mean 16 weeks from conception or Last Menstrual Cycle?

It means from the date of conception.

What does 'date of conception' mean?

AnswerThe date of conception is the date that someone gets pregnant - the date the sperm fertilises the egg.AnswerFertilization of an ovum by a spermatozoon. The most likely date of conception is two weeks after the start date of the last menstrual period.

What is a synonym for stereotype?

If you mean it as a verb, perhaps "pigeonhole". categorize or cast. maybe conception

If you lightly bleed one week after conception does that mean your pregnant?

Conception means your pregnant. But if you mean a week after sex, yeah you could be pregnant cuz it could be implantation bleeding where your fertilized egg attaches itself to your uterus wall

What is the difference between conception and fertilization?

Fertilization is the union of of human egg and sperm cells. It is uncertain exactly what people may mean by conception. Conception may mean the same as fertilization or it may mean point where the connection is made to the walls of the womb by the zygote. The word does not have a hard definition as it is a debate point between the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice factions about exactly when life begins.

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