What does contrasted mean?

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What is the antonym for then?

Then is contrasted with now.

What does the latter mean?

If there are two options, the latter is the second one. By implication at least, the latter (second option) is contrasted with the former (first option).

Is Good contrasted with Bad or Evil?


What rhymes with blasted?

Lasted. Fasted, contrasted.

What is the difference between compared and contrasted?

Compared = find ways in which two or more things are the same. Contrasted = find ways in which two or more things are different.

What does domestic policy mean?

Domestic policy of the president refers to his plan for dealing with the American people and internal matters within the country. It is contrasted with foreign policy.

Classical concertos typically contrasted what?

A soloist and an orchestra

Rembrandt's style is most strongly contrasted with that of?


Who does folk art?

Folks, as contrasted to professional fine artists.

Classical concertos typically contrasted with what instrumental groups?


What two moods are contrasted in sonnet 29?

despondent & thankful?

What are synonyms for diverse?

assorted , contradictory , contrary , contrasted , contrasting

What is being contrasted in viva New Jersey?

the places she lives in

Are the subjects being compared or contrasted the reading passage?


The speakers in Whitman's poem To a Stranger and Dickinson's poem If I knew You Were Coming in the Fall both are addressing an lover of some sorts making for an interesting further?

contrasted absent; comparison; contrasted

What dose complimentary mean in math terms?

Adding up to 90. 40 degrees and 50 degrees are complementary angles. This is contrasted with supplementary, which means adding up to 180.

What is the Inheritance of a single pair of contrasted characteristics called?

The answer is monohybrid cross

What rhymes with lasted?

blasted, fasted, masted, contrasted, lambasted, outlasted.

Life is or life are?

life is-it's a singular noun.It's to be contrasted with lives are...

Rembrandt painted this to pick out a feature?

Bright light contrasted to darkness.

What is the most direct or literal meaning of a word?

Its denotation, as contrasted to its connotation.

Are the subjects in the house of seven gables being compared or contrasted?


In latin what does DE facto mean?

De facto means from the fact or the done deed. In English it means in effect if not officially. It is usually contrasted with de iure, meaning from the law, hence officially.

What does Romans 10 verse 9 mean?

Romans 10:9 says that salvation is by faith alone. This can be contrasted with James 2:24, which says that a man is justified by works and not by faith only.

Philosophy contrasted with other fields of knowledge?

tang ina mo ka

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