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What does contrition mean?

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It means feeling sorry for something.yyiir9uj

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What does the Act of Contrition mean?

The Act of Contrition expresses sorrow for sins. It is a prayer that is prayed by the Catholic church either privately or in a liturgical service.

What does the short act of contrition mean?

Prayer of penitence or repentance.

What is a war of contrition?

The word contrition means a state of feeling remorse. Thus contrition is akin to conscience. The phrase "war of contrition" is often used in religious scenarios to describe the duality of good and evil in the heart of man.

How do you use contrition in a sentence?

Contrition refers to an act or attitude of penance, or feeling sorry for one's bad actions. An example of contrition in a sentence might be, "Mary performed 40 hours of community service every week as an act of contrition for her reformed litterbug ways."

What do prayers of contrition express?

Prayers of Contrition express our sorrows to God, our sins; asking forgiveness for our sins.

Where was the act of contrition written?

There have been dozens of Acts of Contrition written over the centuries, in as many countries.

What are the release dates for Contrition - 2012?

Contrition - 2012 was released on: USA: 3 July 2012 (DVD premiere)

What actors and actresses appeared in Act of Contrition - 2009?

The cast of Act of Contrition - 2009 includes: Alana Bolding

When do you pray the act of contrition?

the answer is penance

What is a synonym for contrition?

remorse, sorrow

Why is contrition important in confession?


Is proudness a synonym for contrition?

No. Contrition means being sorry for having done something wrong or having failed to do something right.

When was Act of Contrition - Battlestar Galactica - created?

Act of Contrition - Battlestar Galactica - was created on 2004-11-08.

Where is the word contrition form?

The word "contrition" means sincere and complete remorse. This word is seen earliest in the bible. Theologians use contrition to describe interior repentance. It's origins come from the bible and there are some more explicit definitions by the Council of Trent. The Roman Catholic religion has information dating back into the 100s b.c. regarding contrition.

What is the answer to crossword clue contrition?

Remorse or regret

What is the name of the prayer in reconciliation?

The Act of Contrition

What are the release dates for Contrition - 2010?

Contrition - 2010 was released on: USA: 23 June 2010 (New York City, New York)

When did the Catholic Church accept the Act of Contrition?

It was never "not accepted". An Act of Contrition is any prayer in which you express your sorrow for sin: Psalm 50 (51) the Miserere in the book of Psalms is an Act of Contrition that was around for hundreds of years before Jesus Christ started the Church. The early Christian writers like St. Augustine and St. Chrysostom both write about making an Act of Contrition.

What kind of prayers express sorrow?

The Act of Contrition

What is the TAGALOG of act of contrition?

tagalog of human act

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How do you use the word contrition and cupidity in a sentence with one word per sentence?

Contrition means repentance for something you're sorry for. "Susan washed dishes as an act of contrition because she burned dinner." Cupidity, on the other hand, means greedy. " John's cupidity led him to cheat his customers."

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10 letter word for sorrow ending in n?


What are some prayers you would say in Lent?

Act of Contrition

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