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The legal definition of convicted is one whom a court has officially determined is guilty of a criminal offense. That determination is made at the conclusion of a criminal prosecution or after the entry of a plea of guilty.

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1 : to find or prove to be guilty

2 : to convince of error or sinfulness

3 : a person on which crime proved or a person who declare his crime called convicted

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Q: What does convicted mean?
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In What town was Seinfeld convicted?

What do you mean by convicted? The show took place in New York.

If you receive a suspended imposition of sentence does that mean you were convicted of a crime?

Yes. If you were not convicted your verdict would have been "not guilty.'

If you get a deferred prosecution does that mean you were convicted?


What does the term convicted mean?

The term convicted means accused, for instance if you are convicted of a murder, someone is accusing you of that murder. The proper definition is to find or prove to be guilty, to convince of error or sinfulness.

What does Subsequently convicted mean?

Subsequently means afterwards, for example: He avoided being jail for that crime but was subsequently convicted for another criminal act.

If you are convicted of a felony and adjudication is withheld does that mean that you lose your right to vote and bear arms?

If you are legally "Convicted" then Adjudication IS NOT Withheld....the whole reason for a Judge to have the option of Adj With is to stop short of convicting....IF you have a felony charge - and adjudication is withheld - you are not convicted....

If you pled guilty to a misdemeanor and received summary probation does that mean you were convicted of a crime?

Yes, entering a guilty plea is the same as being convicted of the crime that the person was charged with.

What does the word convicted mean?

Plead or found guilty of a crime in a court of law.

Can a non-violent felon own a gun in WA if his felony is past the statute of limitations?

If he is a felon, that would mean he has been convicted of a felony. Once convicted, there is no statute of limitations.

Stigmas of convicted felons?

Convicted felons are considered mean, dishonest, and short tempered. An employer may not want to hire them because they are afraid they'll steal or hurt someone

Is traffic violation mean convicted of a crime?

No By Eliesyn Velez and Mrs.Brain's

What does it mean if you were charged but not convicted?

It means that you're found "not guilty" and you don't have to go to jail.

What do first offender mean. If you are under first offender are you a convicted felon?

i wanted to know do i put yes or no whenit ask if im a convicted felon and i fall under the first offender law

What does the question have you ever been convicted for a criminal offense for which you have not been pardoned MEAN?

Exactly what it says: If you have ever been convicted of any criminal offense, you would have to answer YES.If you had been convicted of a criminal offense but you were later pardoned you would answer NO.

What can the president give to someone who has been unfairly convicted of a crime?

The president can grant clemency to someone convicted of a crime. Clemency can mean the sentence is either shortened or waived for that person. As for compensation for wrongful imprisonment, the president does not give any compensation. Once out of prison, the convicted can sue for compensation, but the president has nothing to do with that.

How do you spell convicted?


Can a convicted felon who has been pardoned gain right to posse a handgun?

No. A "pardon" means that only his sentence has been pardoned. it does NOT mean that his crime or offense is wiped clean. He is still a convicted felon, just as if he had served the full term of his sentence in prison. As a convicted felon he may never own, or be in possession of, firearms.

What does convicted of a crime mean?

It means that judge or a jury was convinced by the evidence that it was you that committed the offense, and they have found you guilty.

What does intermediate ss mean inform of punishment for a crime?

it is the level of suspended sentence one receives when convicted

What does convicted of a traffic citation mean?

It means that you were found guilty of whatever traffic offense you were ticketed for by the police.

What part of speech is convicted?

Convicted is a verb (past tense of convict) and an adjective (a convicted felon).

Why was Marcus Garvey sent back to Jamaica in 1927?

He was convicted of fraud.

If you were court ordered to enter drug diversion instead of jail time does that mean that you have been convicted of those charges?

Unless you have received an 'Adjudication Withheld' sentence - or "probation before judgement" - it DOES usually mean that you have been convicted. If you weren't the court would not have the authority to order you into treatment and rehab.

What is the current status of convicted rapist Robert Lee Yates?

His jailed... and enjyoing it (yes I mean jail rape)

What does conv w cts mean?

Convicted with credit for time served. Usually means an overnight in jail is considered sufficient punishment.