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Coolant has a smell that is very difficult to describe; it smells sweet, yet a little like rubber; It has a green color almost like Gatorade. Old coolant can be brown and smell quite rancid.

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Q: What does coolant smell like?
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What does overheated coolant smell like?

My nuts from a squirrel

Does auto air conditioning coolant smell acrid and citrusy?

Your description sounds like engine coolant to me.

Coolant smell bravada?

Bravada smell coolant. That's how they greet each other.

Why would the inside of your car smell like coolant?

Leaking heater core

Can you smell a coolant leak at the head gasket?

The head gasket sits between the head and the engine block if it is leaking out where you can see the coolant, yes you can smell the coolant if it is leaking into the engine no you cannot smell the coolant. You can check the oil to see if it has coolant in the oil if it does then the head gasket might be blown.

Why does the coolant smell like gasoline?

You may have a bad head gasket and or a cracked head.

What does burning coolant smell like?

It smells sweet -- of pancake syrup. Or celery seed...

Why does the car you just bought smell like radiator?

Likely as not there is a coolant leak, perhaps in the heater core.

Can smell antifreeze but no leaks visible no heat?

If your going through coolant then you have an internal head gasket leak you smell coolant because its getting into cylinder and burning

Truck is blowing white smoke and smells like antifreeze?

your truck is likely leaking coolant due to a blown head gasket making white smoke and coolant smell

Why does your f-250 smell like antifreeze?

get a coolant system pressure test, there may be a leak in the heater core.

Why do you still smell coolant after you changed the intake gasket?

sounds like u slipped on the gasket or u have another leak. r u loosing coolant still? coolant usually only smells when driping on hot exhaust.

What happens when a heater core goes bad on a 1993 Audi 90?

I hope you like the smell of warm coolant in your car. Also, prepare yourself for a nice footbath of warm coolant.

Can smell coolant burning from car tailpipe?


What does it mean when you smell antifreeze inside your vehicle?

You have a coolant leak.

Smell coolant white smoke?

head gaskets gone.

How do you know if a diesel engine is burning oil it has been smoking since I had the oil changed the smoke is white but smells like burnt fuel?

The main part of diesel fuel is kerosene, which produces thick black smoke, and gives that smell that is commonly associated with diesel. most likely if it is white smoke, it is antifreeze, if it has a blue tint to it, it is oil. the smell of burnt diesel is rather strong so it could cancel the burnt oil smell, or on the other hand it could be coolant, because burned coolant doesn't have a strong smell. I would check your coolant and oil levels, and check your coolant for having oil in it.

Why does your engine coolant smell like oil and gas?

You may need to have your engine compression tested. To make sure it's not mixing your oil and coolant together. This will be a sign of a bad head or bad head gasket.

What is wrong if your 1990 Nissan Maxima smokes only after reaching operating temp does not smell like oil smoke runs fine?

If your car is using oil as in you have to keep topping it up it is probably oil getting past the rings after car heats and expands. If your car is using coolant, then you may have a small coolant leak at the head gasket, allowing coolant to enter the cylinder and be burned with the gas , resulting in what looks like smoke but does not smell like oil.

Why would your car smell like antifreeze when you get out?

if you can smell antifreeze, you have an antifreeze leak somewhere. you need to clean engine then look for coolant . it will generally pool on ground under vehicle unless it is leaking onto engine and burning off. note that the coolant will run so you may have to trace back to the actual leak. check all coolant fittings, such as hoses and check area round water pump.

Windows keep fogging up on 97 escort and has a coolant smell any suggestions?

Sounds like your heater core may have a pinhole leak in it

Just had a gasket replaced in my engine and all of a sudden white smoke is coming from my engine and I am loosing engine coolant no burning smell though what could it be?

Sounds like head gasket is leaking allowing coolant into combustion chamber

What causes a diesel engine to loose water in radiator smells like antifreeze but couldn't find a leak?

Maybe a head gasket leak they're hard to see and can cause coolant leakge and you might smell the coolant in the car

What can make a car smell like it is over heating?

If it is not actually over heating, then if the smell is outside the car, look for coolant leaks around the head and the thermostat cover. Inside the car could be a leaking heater coil.

Why does your ford f-150 smell like coolant inside?

Your heater core might be leaking - stick your fingers under the front edge of the carpet on the passenger side and see if they get wet from the coolant ( CAUTION : DON'T LICK YOUR FINGERS AFTERWARDS ! )

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