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What does correlation mean?

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A correlation is a relationship between two things, or variables.

For example, it is generally true that the more junk food you eat, the fatter you get. This is a positive correlation - there is a strong relationship

A negative correlation means that there is a strong relationship between two variables, but in the opposite direction. For example, the older a second-hand car is, the lower the price.

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What does correlation mean in maths?

Correlation is a statistical measure of the linear association between two variables. It is important to remember that correlation does not mean causation and also that the absence of correlation does not mean the two variables are unrelated.

What does Correlation of plus 1.00 mean?

It mean that there is no correlation between the two variables. The variables are the same.

After a mri of the spine cervical what does clinical correlation mean?

After mri,on lower spine what does clinical correlation mean

What does a correlation factor of -0.95 mean?

This means that the correlation is negative but still significant.

What are the properties of correlation coefficient?

The correlation coefficient is symmetrical with respect to X and Y i.e.The correlation coefficient is the geometric mean of the two regression coefficients. or .The correlation coefficient lies between -1 and 1. i.e. .

What numbers will a correlation coefficient not ever be?

34.32245Correlation coefficient is less than -1 and greater than 1.Note: The Correlation coefficient is lies between -1 to 1 if it is 0 mean there is no correlation between them.

What does the term correlation analysis mean?

Correlation analysis is the relationship of two values. When two items are similar, they will have a high correlation. Should they differ, they will be much lower in variables.

What is the correlation coefficient of -2?

A serious error. The maximum magnitude for a correlation coefficient is 1.The Correlation coefficient is lies between -1 to 1 if it is 0 mean there is no correlation between them. Here they are given less than -1 value so it is not a value of correlation coefficient.

What does 0 correlation mean?

Correlation refers to whether or not two things are causally connected. If there is zero correlation between two items or subjects, it means that they have no connection to one another.

What dose correlation mean?

something that fits together

What does correcelation mean?

Probably a mis-spelling of "correlation".

What does cg mean in text talk?

Correlation gang ...

Does an effeminate boy mean he'll be gay?

No. There is no correlation.

What is correlation coefficient of correlation?

correlation measure the strength of association between to variables.but some times both variables are not in same we cannot measure it with the help of correlation. in this case we use its coefficent which mean unit free. that,s why we use it.

What does a correlation coefficient of 1.1 mean?

A correlation coefficient of 1.1 means it was calculated incorrectly as it must be between 1 & -1, inclusive.

What does it mean when two variables have a positive correlation?

A positive correlation between two variables means that there is a direct correlation between the variables. As one variable increases, the other variable will also increase.

What does it mean if GPA has a negative correlation with performance?

that you're stupid

Auto correlation and cross correlation?

Auto correlation is the correlation of one signal with itself. Cross correlation is the correlation of one signal with a different signal.

What is a correlation where both sets of data values increase or decrease together?

Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.Positive correlation.

What does it mean if two variables have a positive correlation?

If the correlation is positive, as one increases so does the other.

Which correlation coefficient indicates the weakest relationship between variables?

Pearson's Product Moment Correlation Coefficient indicates how strong the relationship between variables is. A PMCC of zero or very close would mean a very weak correlation. A PMCC of around 1 means a strong correlation.

What rhymes with coalation?

There is no such word as "coalation". Do you mean "coalition" or maybe "correlation"?

What does a strong negative correlation coefficient mean?

The graph follows a very strong downward trend. Would have helped if you specified which correlation coefficient; there are different types.

What are three types of correlations?

positive correlation-negative correlation and no correlation

Is 0.5 the strongest correlation coefficient?

No. The strongest correlation coefficient is +1 (positive correlation) and -1 (negative correlation).

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