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Q: What does cosa vuoi da bere mean?
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What does e da bere mean?

e da bere means " and what would you like to drink?" in Italian.

Da cosa deriva dardo?

da che cosa deriva il dardo

What actors and actresses appeared in Ti Offro Da Bere - 2014?

The cast of Ti Offro Da Bere - 2014 includes: Ivaldi Cristian Ottavia De Rege Mazzullo Elisabetta Ilaria Gelmi Sidney Kean as John Paolo Li Volsi Massimo Morello

How to ask an Italian girl out?

Well, I am presuming you mean in Italian? But if not, just like any other girl - they are not a different species you know. Generally asking her out for a coffee is good because it is a typically italian thing to do. There is also the added bonus that this will give you the opportunity to suss out whether or not she is "interested" in you in that way without having to put all your cards on the table, so to speak, and if not just be friends. Anyway some Italian ways of asking girls out... Ti va/andrebbe di uscire con me?- Would you like to go out with me? Ti va/andrebbe di prendere qualcosa da bere un giorno? - Would you like to go for a drink some time? Mi chiedevo se ti va di prendere qualcosa da bere qualche giorno? I was wondering if you would like to go for a drink sometime? Vorresti/vuoi prendere un caffè con me? - Do you want to get a coffee with me.? Vorresti cenare/pranzare con me sta sera/domani sera? Would you like to have dinner/lunch with me this evening/tomorrow evening? Vuoi qualcosa da bere? Do you want something to drink? Se ti va di vederci, fammi sapere - bella! If you want to meet up, let me know beautiful.

Who wrote the words to the opera Cosa Fan Tutti?

The libretto (words), were by Lorenzo da Ponte.

What does da mean in spanish?

it mean "are the" as in, You da man!

What does the word da mean in German?

da = there

What is 'Where do you want to go on holiday' when translated from English to Italian?

Dove vuoi andare in vacanza? is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Where do you want to go on holiday?" The pronunciation will be "DO-vey vuoy an-DA-rey een va-KAN-tsa" in Italian.

What does dore da mean in welsh?

If you mean Bore da, it's 'Good morning' in English.

What does da da yaynu mean?

It would have been enough

What does Da-da-yanu mean?

Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and...... Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and...... Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and......

What does akem mean?

akem is da king of da south he sexy to akem is da king of da south he sexy to