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they might eat fish or something

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Can wild frogs eat crayfish?


What kind of insect does crayfish eat?

Crayfish of what I have seen in the wild and done myself caterpillars will fall in the water and be eaten and in my tank I feed my crayfish meal worms

Does crayfish eat algae?

No, crayfish eat chocolate.

Do crayfish eat raccoons?

No, but raccoons will eat crayfish.

Do snapping turtals eat crayfish?

Yerrp they eat crayfish !!

Do puffer fish eat crayfish?

Yes they do eat Crayfish

Can a crayfish eat lettuce?

Yes, Crayfish eat lettuce.

Do everglade frogs eat crayfish?

everglade frogs do not eat crayfish

Do crayfish eat bread?

No, crayfish do not eat bread, as bread has yeast in it

Do crayfish eat hot dogs?

Yes crayfish can eat hot dogs. Crayfish are omnivores and they can eat both meat and plants.They will eat anything they can get their claws on.

Do crayfish eat seaweed?

Yes, crayfish do eat seaweed. Crayfish are omnivores, meaning they will eat both animal and plant matter in their environment.

Do crayfish eat dead crayfish?

Yes they do.

Do snapper eat crayfish?

No Snapper do not eat Crayfish but they eat Kiwi and other Native animals.

What do fresh water crayfish eat?

Fresh water crayfish in the wild feed on both living and dead plants and animals. Those kept in aquariums can eat fish food and plants, but will also feed on small fish which they can catch.

Do crayfish eat other fish?

Crayfish are not fish, and they love to eat fish if they can catch them.

Can ducks eat crayfish?

Merganser ducks do eat crayfish. Mallard ducks do not eat crayfish. Ducks also eat small fish, frogs, and insects. It depends on the type of duck.

What crayfish eat?

crayfish eat tadpoles,snails,small fish, and insects.crayfish also eat plants and waterweeds

Do salamander eat crayfish?

no. a salamander is almost the size of a crayfish.

What kind of worms do crayfish eat?

Crayfish eats Earthworms

Do crayfish eat mosquitoes?

Crayfish cannot eat adult mosquitoes. Crayfish are aquatic. However, baby crayfish love to eat mosquito larvae. Mosquito larvae begin their life in water and later grow into their adult flying form.

What eat crayfish?

Many things eat crayfish like sea eagles, sharks and larger fish

Do brown trout eat crayfish?

Not only do they eat crayfish, it is a common food source for larger browns.

Do birds eat crayfish?

Yes! We have a flock of blackbirds (with yellow eyes) that eat crayfish out of our stream in PA.

Do pregnant crayfish eat algae?

yes they do many pregnant crayfish aka crawfish will eat algae

Do crayfish eat guppies?

no they eat your mom

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