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'What is 10 + 15' (Answer in Spanish 'veinticinco' - 25)

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Q: What does cuantos son diez mas quince?
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How do you say 10 - 15 in spanish?

In terms of time, 10:15, it would be "son las diez y quince". As just a number, "mil quince.

How do you say 915pm in spanish?

Son las nueve y cuarto (o quince) de la mañana.

How do you reply to que hora es en este memento?

You give them the correct time up to the second in Spanish. Example: "Son las seis más diez y quince segundos.... ¡Ya!"

How do you say 10-19 in spanish?

11 once 12 doce 13 trece 14 catorce 15 quince 16 dieciséis / diez y seis 17 diecisiete / diez y siete 18 dieciocho / diez y ocho 19 diecinueve / diez y nueve 20 veinte

How do you say it is 505 am in Spanish?

Son las siete-quince a.m. (It's 7-15 a.m.) Son las siete y quince de la mañana (It's 7 and 15 of the morning) Son las siete y quarto de la mañana (It's 7 and quarter of the morning)

How do you say 2 10 in Spanish?

son las diez y media

What does cuantos son y son mean?

how much is/are 2 and 2

How do you say 9 50 in spanish?

(Son) diez para las diezLas diez menos diez Las nueve cincuenta

How do you say it's half past ten in spanish?

"Son las diez y media"

How do you say it's 10 am in spanish?

"Son las diez de la mañana."

What does cuantos son trece you tres?

How much is thirty and three?

How do you say Its ten to seven in Spanish?

You can say: "Son diez para las siete" or " Son las siete menos diez" which is another way to say it.