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What does culo mean in Spanish?

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'Culo' is the rude word for buttocks or bum in Spanish.

If you say that to someone they are going look at you very odd because it's rude. We say nalgas for butt cheeks. Culo is a**.

2018-04-12 14:13:04
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What does culo mean?

Culo means buttocks or bum in Spanish

What does toma de culo mean in spanish?

Toma de culo literally translates into "jackass".

What does the word cu lo mean in spanish?

"culo" as one word in spanish means "ass."

What does qulo mean in spanish?

It is spelled "culo". The term for one's bottom, bum, etc.

What does Culo in Spanish mean?

pit bull It is actually a word for buttocks, or more normally a crude in "*ss". Beso mi culo = kiss my *ss.

How do you say scale in spanish?


How do you say bot in spanish?


Not culo but the proper word for behind in spanish is?

Nalgas is your behind or butt cheeks. Culo is your anus. I know some Spanish speaking cultures use culo as butt as well. Being Mexican we use nalgas.

How do you say fat ass in Spanish?

culo gordo

How do you say great butt in Spanish?

Culo grande is how you say great butt in Spanish.

How can you say kiss my buttocks in Spanish?

besa mi culo

How do you say I love your ass in Spanish?

Me encanta tu culo.

How do you say eat my butt in Spanish?

comer mi culo

How can you say kiss my butt in Spanish?

besa me el culo.

How do you say big booty judy in spanish?


What does this mean el culo cagao?

Culo cagao, from spanish, literally means that your bottom is pooped, meaning that is dirty or that someone haven't wiped his/her bottom. It might also mean that a person is infantile or immature, like a baby that can not wipe or clean her own bottom.

What does Eres culo mean?

You're an a**

What does wangara mean?

Mi culo

What does the word kul mean in spanish?

culo = bottom, backside (although culo is stronger than these words when typically used) "Kul" may also just be the borrowed English word "cool", indicating that something is nice or desirable.

How do you say ill kick your ass in spanish?

Patearte el culo

What is colo in Spanish?

The closest would be "culo", meaning the rear end.

How do you say butt face in Spanish?

Cara Culo

What does Quieres que te meta por el culo mean in spanish?

¿Quién les enseña eso?It is very impolite language.

How do you say how big iS your donkey in spanish?

I think by donkey, you mean @$$, as in rear end. If you do, you would say, "¿Que tan grande es tu culo?". If you are actually talking about a donkey, you would say the same thing, replacing "culo" with "burro"

What does mi culo mean?

Translation: My ass