What does culture include and exclude?

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Culture includes the religion(s), language, food, traditions, art, literature, the lifestyle, flag, music, and clothes.

Culture excludes anything that has to do with climate, (weather, temperature, etc.) and economy. (anything that has to do with money.)
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What does culture include?

Culture includes the religion, language, festivals, food andclothing (if it is different to popular countries). Culture doesnot include the industries, education, and modern needs

What was the impact of sputnik on America including the impact on education government spending culture and art?

Although the launch of Sputnik lead to the humiliation of America's scientific community and the public as a whole, it was more benificial to the United States than a negative effect. For one, there was the establishment of the Advanced Research Projects Agency in 1958 (which will become DARPA later ( Full Answer )

Which element is excluded from the Octet Rule?

Some elements that are known to violate the octet rule are:Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium (two electrons) Aluminum and Boron(less than octet but will form an octet if possible), Period 3elements with p orbitals (more than an octet using empty dorbitals), noble gas compounds (more than an octet), and e ( Full Answer )

Which social groups were excluded and included within Victorian society?

The group that was excluded in Victorian society was the lowerworking class. They were very poor and many worked as domesticservants or at jobs that were considered unfit for the higherclasses. The groups that were considered included or accepted werethe nobility, also called the gentry, the middle ( Full Answer )

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What is excluded from GDP?

1. Working at home 2. Illegal work and business 3. Buying and selling intermediate goods 4. work for yourself 5. buying secondhand products

How can expense for Restricted stock awards including forfeitures be greater than excluding forfeitures?

check out this website. http://www.computershare-na.com/pdf/FreeSMARTS_tax_reporting_witholding091008.pdf?utm_campaign=Thank%20you%20for%20your%20interest%20in%20our%20recent%20FreeSMARTS!&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_term=click%20here. it's pretty helpful, if that doesn't pull ( Full Answer )

What social groups are included in a culture?

SOCIAL GROUPS INCLUDED IN A CULTURE INCLUDE: culture the way of life of a group of people who share the same similar beliefs and customs, such as a community, a family, or a congregation.

What rhymes with exclude?

accrued . allude . booed . brewed . brood . canoed . chewed . clued . collude . conclude . construed . crude . cued . debuted . delude . denude . dude . elude . endued . ensued . eschewed . eschewed . extrude . exude . feud . food . glued . hued . imbued . include . int ( Full Answer )

What is excluded from OSHA?

Employers that are governments and government agencies are excluded from coverage under the OSHAct at the federal level. States with an approved OSHA State plan are required to cover employees of state, county and municipal governments and as well as employees in the private sector.

What does cultural diversity include?

Cultural diversity is the quality of different cultures. Cultural diversity includes language, race, customs, food, dress, religion, beliefs, values, ethnicity, gender, political views and knowledge. Culture diversity also includes the various elements of Australian Indegnious culture.

How changes in society including cultural issues have influenced the range of food products today?

multiculturalism definitely figures in. But I remember during the 60s and 70s, there was an explosion of processed foods on the market for time saving precooked meals. But the more Americans travelled abroad, especially to Europe, they realized how freshly prepared foods are infinitely better tastin ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word excluding in a sentence?

This means to leave something out deliberately, to separate it fromthe rest of the group. Here are some sentences. The club is excluding women from their membership. Excluding us, there will be five people in the group. The committee retained control of the program by excluding nomineesfrom rival pa ( Full Answer )

Popular culture of the 1950s discussing its impacts and those excluded from the consumer culture?

Nationalism. That's all I'm going to say. In post-war America mass culture instilled into American's that "We are One". This can be linked to traces of conforming amongst the masses during that time as a result to not only the culture (and war victory) but because of the new techniques in marketing. ( Full Answer )

What do hindus exclude from their diet?

We try not to eat meat, but that usually does not work. We can eat anything we want but most people don't eat cow because they are sacred. Common meat-CHICKEN, LAMB- most common

What does exclude mean?

1.Prevent from being included, considered or accepted. "The bad results were excluded from the report" 2.Prevent from entering; shut out. "This policy excludes people who have a criminal record from entering the country" 3.Lack or fail to include. "The cost for the trip excludes food a ( Full Answer )

When is a home excluded from Medicaid laws?

When the recipient, the spouse of a recipient who is in a nursing home, and/or the recipient's disabled adult child, is living there. However, even in such cases, the State will file a lien on the property and an estate claim to recover the cost of care.

Did medieval towns exclude Jews?

Some did, others did not. A pattern developed with Jews. Local leaders, and even kings, often invited Jews into their areas because they could see the benefits of having very educated people with mercantile skills, medical knowledge, and so on. The earliest ghettos were set up to give the Jewish pop ( Full Answer )

Can an estate exclude step children?

Yes. Step children have no right to inheritance unless they were legally adopted. In most states, if legally adopted, they have rights of inheritance only if they are minors. An adult child can be disinherited as long as it is done properly by will. In an intestate estate, a legally adopted child is ( Full Answer )

How do you spell excluded?

The correct spelling is "excluded" (to deny someone access to a place, thing, group, or privilege).

Can you exclude yourself from a will?

United Kingdom Yes, assuming the persons whose will it is has passed away you can create a deed of variation to alter your entitlement. Legal advice should be sought. In the UK, you can not create a deed of variation to deliberately avoid an increase in assets if you are receiving means tested or ( Full Answer )

What is an excludable illness?

An excludable illness is a contagious illness. Some examples ofexcludable illnesses would be Chicken Pox, Scabies, Strep Throat,and Measles. Many schools and day care centers follow strictguidelines when dealing with excludable illnesses.

What does a draught excluder do?

Typically a draught excluder is used to keep the cold out and the heat in. Place them at the bottom of your door or window to keep out the draft.

Is excluding a preposition?

It can be. It is a verb form used as a gerund (noun) or preposition. As a preposition, it lists an exception or exclusion. e.g. The cost, excluding tax, is two hundred dollars.

What is the noun for excluding?

The word 'excluding' is the present participle of the verb 'to exclude'. The noun forms of the verb are excluder, one who excludes, and excludability. Another noun form is exclusion.

Does CULTURE include sports and games?

culture is inclusive of anything that helps define a people ,or something that is valuable to them . A dreidel is valuable to the Jewish person much like the highland games are important to the Scottish. So yes, sports and games are elements of culture

How much is it roughly to keep a horse Like including the cheapest insurance companies or deals the food mainly for the winter and a place to stay field or stable This excludes bridle saddle etc?

To keep one horse it needs at least three to five acres ofpasture land. It needs grained twice daily, a bag of feed is$12.00. You will need at least 60 to 100 bales of hay per year tokeep your horse healthy. . Answer2: . The basic costs are as follows: . 1. Insurance is based on the horses value, ( Full Answer )