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Q: What does daisy mean in German?
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What does Gänseblümchen mean in German?

daisy / daisies

What does daisy mean in English?

daisy company

What does daisy mean in Spanish?

Daisy in spanish means margarita.

Why does Daisy speak in such exaggerated phrase?

Do you mean daisy from rock of love 2 and daisy of love?

What does daisy mean in chinese?

Daisy 戴西 (Dài xī)

What does organization mean to humans?

is daisy alive or not

What does the name margarita mean in spanish?


What does the name daisy mean in Hebrew?

There is a Hebrew word for daisy (the flower), but it's not used as a person's name.

What does the name ASHLEY mean in German?

what does ashley mean in in german

What is daisy in all languages in the world?

It is not possible to provide the word "daisy" in all languages in the world as there are thousands of languages spoken globally. However, in some languages, the word for daisy is similar to the English word, such as "margarita" in Spanish, "marguerite" in French, and "Gänseblümchen" in German.

What has the author W John Koch written?

W. John Koch has written: 'Daisy Princess Of Pless -- A Discovery' 'Daisy, Princess of Pless 1873-1943' 'No escape' -- subject(s): Biography, Childhood and youth, German Personal narratives, History, Personal narratives, German, World War, 1939-1945, Youth 'Daisy von Pless' -- subject(s): Biography, Princesses

A flowering plant is an example of a?

Do you mean angiosperm?