What does demcracy mean?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What does demcracy mean?
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What is the translation in English for people who is a law worker?

the answer is that the demcracy

How do we practicerepresentative demcracy?

We vote people to represent us in government.

When did demcracy begin?

Well the first democracy started in Ancient Greece around 500 B.C.

What are the merits and demerits of democracy?

One of the merits of demcracy is that it guarantees the fundamental human right,its election is free and fair

What has the author Newell Leroy Sims written?

Newell Leroy Sims has written: 'Ultimate demcracy and its making' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Democracy

Was demcracy discovered in anchient Athens?

Well, the idea of democracy was introduced by Cleisthenes in 508 BC when he overthrew the aristocracies in Athens. I wouldn't say it was discovered in ancient Athens. It will sound better if you say Athens was the birthplace of democracy.

What are the same's between dictatorship and a democracy?

Demcracy is a pdirectly olitical government either carried out directly by people or by means of elected repesentives of the people. Dictatorship means a form of government in which one person or an oligrchy possesses absolute power without effective constutionak checks.

What type of government does Syria have?

In theory: It is presidential republic, all executive powers rests with the president. The president can serve seven-year terms. Syria recently has just passed a new constitution that allows a term limit for the president to only be reelected once. In reality: However, Syria is a Saddam Hussein-style sectarian presidential dictatorship. Opposition parties are banned and the parliament serves only as a rubber-stamp for the president's policies.

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