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des chaussettes are 'socks' in French.

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Q: What does des chaussettes mean in English?
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What does chaussettes mean in English?

des chaussettes are 'socks' in French.

What does des chaussettes mean?


How do you say' with socks' in french?

"Avec des chaussettes"

How to say white socks in french?

des chaussettes blanches

What does les chaussettes mean in English?

socks. well really it means the socks. as les mean the. but you can just say socks :)

How do you say I have warm pink socks in french?

J'ai des chaussettes rose foncé

What does chaussettes mean in french?


What does socks mean in french?


What does 'des couteaux' mean in English?

"des couteaux" means "knives" in English

What does des visiteurs mean in English?

'des visiteurs' means 'visitors' in English.

What does des jumeux mean in English?

"des jumeaux" means 'twins' in English. (these are male twins; the feminine is 'des jumelles')

What does des crayon mean in French?

The English word for "Des Crayon" is "The Pencil".