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Q: What does detergent do to have this effect on water?
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What is the effect of soap and detergent in the hard water?

One effect of soap and detergent in hard water is it will not lather as well as it does in soft water. This can affect the way the soap or detergent cleans in hard water making them less effective.

Do soap and detergent have the effect on difference types of water?

no they not

What effect does detergent have on surface tension and Why?

There is an effect on Surface Tension when detergent is put in the water. I am doing an experiment for my upcoming Science fair and i am doing a Detergent Powered Boat/Surface Tension...I have tested it many times with and without detergent, when it doesn't have detergent it floats and then sinks after 5 seconds but with detergent it zips through the water...I can not give you the reason for this as i am myself still researching on why this is!

Effect of detergent chemical characteristic of detergent soap solution?

what does detergent do

When liquid is added to a solution of a detergent in water the detergent breaks up large globules of the lipid into much smaller globues what effect do you think a detergent would up large globules o?


Does the temperature of water have an effect on how well detergent remove stains?

Yes - usually hotter is better.

Why doesn't soap and detergent have the same effect on different types of water?

Soap and water react differently in both soft and hard water whereby soap works faster and detergent works slower and may not even lather.

Detergent and Music player.State one possible bad effect for each of them.?

Detergent causes water pollution and music player affect our ears if it's too loud!!

Why do there is bubble when water is mixed with detergent?

ANSWER:Because of the soapiness of the detergent the water and detergent form a less soapy but still soapy mixture of Water & the detergent, in a liquid form.

Is dish detergent toxic?

I think it says on the detergent bottle that if you ever ingest the dish detergent, that you should|:a) drink lotsa water (to dilute the effect of toxic chemicals)b) call a doctor or the POISON CONTROL CENTRE (something's gonna go down)

Does detergent solution effect on red litmus papper?

detergent solution has an effect on red litmus paper because detergent solution is a base and it changes the color of red litmus(indicator) to blue when in contact with it.

How do detergents effect plant growth?

The detergent does affect plant growth because the detergent has too much chemicals that are very poisonous to the plant!->Tatiana