What does divisible mean?

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Divisible means able to be divided.
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What is the meaning of right division in the Church?

"What is the meaning of right division in the Church?" Read 2 Timothy 2 thru and see if you can find some examples of right division in it. Notice the use of right division in verses 11-13. There is a difference between living with Him and reigning with Him. You also might read chapter 3 of 1 Corint ( Full Answer )

What does 'There are divisions among you' mean in the Bible?

It means that people within the group started to disagree with one another. There was a division of thought. This is something that can cause discord and weakness within the group. It states in the Bible, "A house divided can not stand." In order for a group to experience success, they must be of on ( Full Answer )

What does the term division of labor mean?

Division of labor is the division of tasks, roles and dutiesbetween people trying to accomplish a certain task. Division oflabor became an important element of society during the IndustrialRevolution, when factory work changed the way in which peopleworked together to create products. This method of ( Full Answer )

What does closed under division mean?

When you will divide any element in the set by another element in the set the result will be an answer that is also included in the set.

What does upper division hours mean?

Typically, it refers to upper level courses within the junior and senior years of a four year program of study (bachelors degree).

What does division of power mean in US Government?

This means that the political authority is divided along two dimensions: namely along the vertical line as well as the horizontal line. The power is dividen vertically when it is shared by the federal government and the states. The power is divided horizontally when it is shared by the executive, th ( Full Answer )

Different division of physics and their meanings?

It means that how many units present in each unit of demoniacal value. For example, density is equal to mass divided by volume, which means that how many kilogram is the matter in 1 cm^3.

What does division mean in the Bible?

Division in the Bible means the same as it does in math. It means to split apart or divide. There were divisions within the early church just as there is today. People had different worshiping practices which set them apart and caused some groups to think that they had the best or only way to worshi ( Full Answer )

What does division mean?

It means separating something, a number, a group, or an object, into one or more parts. When a number is divided, it is reduced to two or more numbers when, which multiplied together result in the original number. When a group is divided, it means they disagree on a matter. Some believe one th ( Full Answer )

What does divisible by mean?

If 'A' is 'divisible by 'B', it means that: -- If 'B' is repeatedly subtracted from 'A', then the last one fits exactly, without anything left over -- 'A' was made by piling up some whole number of 'B's, with no extras -- 'B' goes into 'A' evenly --'A'/'B'= some whole number

What does a divisibility mean?

It means that the whole number can be divided by aanother whole number without a reminder

What is divisible mean?

Divisible means "able to be divided." Something that is divisiblecan be divided into parts or portions or separated into pieces.

What dose divisible mean?

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What does division sign on prescriptions mean?

It's actually one circle above a horizontal line and one "1" below it. It means "One tablet". To write "two tablets", he would have drawn two circles above the horizontal line and two "1"s below it.

What do mean by time division switching?

Time division space switching:-. suppose there are 'n' input lines and 'n' output lines connected to the bus each via switches. . The switches being controlled by the decoder using the counters and control memory etc.. So in the most basic form there is a counter connected to an n to 2^n decode ( Full Answer )

What does the division sign on a prescription mean?

It's not a division sign it is a T with a dot on top. It means the number 1. Doctors use Roman numerals to indicate numbers. But 1-3 are expressed in other symbols like these. Likewise, 2 is written with 2 capital T's and 2 dots on top(will look like the Greek letter pi with 2 dots on top).

Does fusion mean division?

No. Fusion means to join to things together. Division means to take something and split it up.

What is the meaning of the sympathetic division fight or flight?

Depending on how you look at it the answer will change. If combat is imminent, it means "Stay and fight, or flee." It can be interpreted the same way with fight having a different meaning, such as in an argument "Continue arguing, or give in/give up"

When you have a remainder in a division problem for a mean?

You have a mean which is not a whole number. . One of the shortcomings of the mean as a measure of central tendency is that it may not be achieved. For example, the mean value obtained when an ordinary die (one die, many dice) is thrown is 3.5 but no face on the die has a value of 3.5.

What do you mean by division of labor in science?

Division of labour in science, is a process of offering a structured effort of producing knowledge both physical and mental geared in achieving certain goals in which one is specialised in (where is best at and has more experience in handling it) it's more so based on a given period of time in sc ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the 27th infantry division patch?

Many US Army divisions have their origins in the WWI era, including the 27th ID. In peacetime, the 27th ID is the New York National Guard, which accounts for the "NY" on the patch. The divisions created for WWI all got nicknames, and the soldiers of the 27th chose "Orions" for theirs. This was a pla ( Full Answer )

What does evenly divisible by 100 mean?

An integer that is divisible by 100 with a remainder. The answer should be a whole number as well. eg. 3/100 = 0.03 therefore 3 is not evenly divisible by 100 300/100 = 3 therefore 300 is evenly divisible by 100

What words in math mean division?

Words and terms that can refer to division in mathematics include: . Per . Out of . Divided by . Over

What do multiplication and division mean in math terms?

Multiplication and division are mathematical operations. They are inverses, which means that they are opposites, so multiplying and dividing a number by the same constant yields the original number. Often multiplication is taught as taught as repeated addition- 7 multiplied by three is adding 3 se ( Full Answer )

What does divisible by 5 mean?

if any number is said to be divisible by 5.... it means that when you divide that number by 5, the remainder will be equal to 0.... Eg: 125/5=0 so.... 125 is divisible by 5.......

Does ratio mean division?

Yes. If each of a and b is a number and b is not zero, the ratio of a to b, often written as a:b, = a/b.

What does division mean in the Civil War?

A division is a fairly large military unit, usually commanded by a two-star Major General. Two or more brigades (commanded by one-star Brigadier Generals) made a division. Some divisions had as many as six brigades. The General commanding the army might assign more brigades to a division commander i ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of G1 in cell division?

G1= Growth period 1 The cell grows until its big enough to fill out its tasks (cell enters G0) or to replicate the DNA again (cell enters S phase).

What does division as reapeted subtraction mean?

When you do long division by hand, as you determine the quotient one number at a time, you keep subtracting until you find the complete quotient. Refer to the related link to see an illustration of long division.

What does a divisible number mean?

There's at least two integers whose product equals that number. Basically a number that can be divided. If you can't divide by any integer and you'll only get fractions/decimals, it's not divisible.

What does divisible mean in relation to math?

An integer X is said to be divisible by another integer Y (not = 0) if Y divides X evenly: a whole number of times without remainder. Another way of putting it is that X = nY where n is an integer. The concept does not make any sense for fractional numbers since any fraction is divisible by every ( Full Answer )

Does division mean the same as problem?

No divide means you determine how many times a number can go into another a problem is something you must solve but can be any type of math, including division.

What does the pink division sign in red mean?

While all people are certainly created equal, the decisions we make divide us. If I decide to do or be something different than you, we are divided, and no longer equal, and should not be treated as such. If I decide to hurt somebody and you decide to help somebody, we are divided, and should be t ( Full Answer )

Range mean division?

I n Statistics, ra nge does n't mea n divisio n but it is the differe nce of the largest value a nd the smallest value i n the list of numbers give n. . Example: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20, 23, 25 . Ra nge = 25 - 11 = 14 .

What does the term 'division of labor' mean?

The term "division of labor" is also called economic specialization. It is the specialization of co-orperative individuals who perform specific tasks and roles.

What does cell division mean in science?

Cell division is the process in which cells self-replicate to produce two daughter cells identical to one another and the original cell. Cell replication is what makes you grow!

What does a religious division mean?

It means that a religion, or religious group, splits up into two or more smaller pieces. This may often happen as a result of a difference in opinion.

What do you mean by cell divisions?

Cell division is when the parent cell divides into two or moredaughter cells. This all happens during cell cycle.A process in which formation of new cell by the division of the preexisting cells take place is known as cell divisionA process in which formation of new cell by the division of the preex ( Full Answer )

What does the word division mean?

Division means to divide or cut into parts or pieces. Division means to divide or cut into parts or pieces.