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when you suddenly break into a sharp movement, and then melt out of it.

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What does dynamics mean in dance?

Dynamics means the way you perform a dance move.

What does 'dynamics' mean in dance?

Dynamics in dance are similar to dynamics in music, except in dance it is the way you move. For example, whether your moves are rough or smooth, dramatic, etc.

What does actions of dance mean?

actions of dance mean's what is the action then space is where to go and dynamics is how you do it and relationships is who with

What does the term dynamics mean in dance?

Dynamics, the use of change or energetic fluctuation, is important in dance to keep the viewer and dancer engaged. Its opposite would be static (or boring).

What are dynamics in dance?

Dynamics in dance are pretty similar to dynamics in music. Acceptin dance its the way you move. e.g: Move roughly, softly, dramatic ect.

What dynamics in dance are there?

in dance there are time flow space and weight

What are the dynamics used in siobhan davies' birdsong?

Because the whole dance was upredictable and the dynamics used kept the dance intersting and created more excitement for the audience, dynamics was a strong use in birdsong.

What does dance dynamics mean in dance?

The use of dynamic in dance refers to the different qualities applied to movement. Eg. the movement was very soft and relaxed, the movement was very sharp and hard-hitting.

What does ASDR stand for in dance?

Action, Space, Dynamics, Relationship

What is dynamics in dance?

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What does the dance word Dynamic Variation mean?

Im pretty sure it refers to the range of different dynamics, such as fast and slow, etc

Why is dynamics important in dance music?

dynamics is important in dance music because without it the mood and happy energy of the song would not be givin. Every song would have the same value and boring

What does dynamics mean?

AnswerDynamics is how we move; speed, force, continuity etc.

What does dynamics of music mean?

"dynamics" in music means how loud or quiet the music is.

What does dynamics mean in regards to animals?

Dynamics in animals means they change places or move

The dance definition for climax?

A build up in intensity of actions, dynamics or content.

What does Piano mean in dynamics?

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What is dance notation?

Dance notation is a system of movement notation using symbols on staff. These symbols represent different parts of a dancers body, the direction its moving, and dynamics.

What does actions mean in dance?

what does action mean in dance

What does contraction mean in dance?

what does contractions mean in dance

What does dynamics mean in music?

dynamics is how loud or quiet a piece of music is

Can every Ballerina dance after practice?

what do you mean by can dance? is it a particular kind of dance or move? do you mean dance on or around a can after practice?

What does elevation mean in dance terms?

it mean just dance

What does the word narrative in dance form mean?

the narrative in dance mean you tell a story in dance

How is dancing related to science?

laws of motion, dynamics of dance. Science is bascically giving and explanation to why and how some things happen.