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The Advent wreath is a Christian tradition during the Christmas season. Preceding Christmas Day, a candle in the wreath is lit for each week of the Advent, a total of four.

The first candle means hope, the second candle signifies preparation to receive God. The third candle is the candle of joy and the fourth candle is the candle of love. The fifth candle, usually lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas, signifies Christ.


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What dose the evergreens mean in the advent wreath

I assume that you mean the Advent wreath? If so, then the central white candle is only lit on Christmas Day and afterwards until Epiphany (Jan 6th). This candle represents Jesus Christ come into the world as the Light of the World.

There are, typically, 5 candles on an Advent Crown or Wreath. The four around the outside edge are red with a central candle being white. As each of the four Sundays in Advent are marked so each candle is lit and the central candle is only lit on Christmas Day. The first candle represents "Hope", the second God's "Peace", the third "Love" and the fourth "Joy". Obviously, the central candle reminds Christians that Jesus was born on Christmas Day. The Advent Crown or Wreath is significant in itself. During the period of Advent there are no flowers decorating the church but there is the Crown or Wreath made up of a circle of evergreen plants such as Holly and Ivy. The evergreen and circular nature of the Crown/Wreath reminds us that God does not change and the Holly is also a symbol of the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore when He was crucified.

It means that someone is trying to get inventive in decorating his Advent wreath.

The second Advent Candle means peace.

Each candle represent one of the four Sundays before Easter where Jesus rises. It is kind of like a count-down. The third candle is pinkish because it is the colour to show the anticipation of Easter.(Advent is Christmas lent is Easter DAH!1. Candle of Hope -purple2. Candle of Preparation -purple3. Candle of Joy -purple4. Candle of Love -pink5. Christ Candle (located in the center of the wreath)

Traditionally the Advent wreath is made of four purple (sometimes blue) candles around an evergreen wreath with one white candle in the middle. One purple candle is lit each week of Advent and symbolizes a different theme: expectation, hope, purity and joy, in that order. The first week, only one is lit. The second week, the first and second are lit, and so on. The center candle, known as the "Christ Candle," is lit Christmas Eve & Christmas Day as a celebration of Jesus as the light of the world. In some churches, the Joy candle may be red or pink. And in all churches, the wreath itself, always evergreen, is a perfect circle and a symbol of God's everlasting love.

"Some systems name the candle as follows: Candle 1. Hope (purple) Candle 2. Peace (purple) Candle 3. Joy (rose; the corresponding Sunday is "Gaudete Sunday") Candle 4. Love (purple) Candle 5. Christ (white)"

the candles meanwaiting,expectationpreparation

Red berries on an Advent Wreath symbolize Christ's blood.The red berries symbolise the blood shed by Christ for mankind.

The circular shape of the Advent Wreath reminds us of God's eternal nature (since a circle is continuous). He is eternal and the hope He offers is never ending.

A savior is born giving light and life to entire world

Each candle means a week and is lighted every Sunday for four weeks. I know that because I'm Catholic

Because the green leaves are everlasting they represent God's everlasting love.

The Fourth Candle (The Candle of Peace) The fourth candle reminds us that Jesus comes to bring Peace to both the world and to people's hearts. Without Christ there is no peace in this world.

The advent wreath is often seen in churches and sometimes even homes during the weeks approaching Christmas. It is full of symbolism (I will point out some of the general features on the advent wreath and what they mean). The circle of the wreath reminds us that God is eternal (a circle is continuous) and that his mercy never ends. The evergreens that make the wreath remind us of eternal life and of Christ's life (He died and then rose again, thus living forever). Some say that the prickly nature of the evergreen symbolizes the crown of thorns that Christ wore when He was crucified. The candles symbolize the light of God (Christ). The four outer candles represent the time of waiting for Christ's birth (four weeks before Christmas) while the fifth inner candle represents Christ's birth. The first candle lit is usually referred to as the Prophecy Candle, symbolizing the years before Christ's birth when the prophets spoke of the coming Saviour and the people yearned for a Messiah. The next three candles usually have meanings that vary according to the church. Some include: Bethlehem, Shepherds, and Angels, Love, Joy, and Peace, or John the Baptist, Mary, and the Magi. Another interesting point to note is the fact that as it draws closer to Christmas, more candles are lit and thus more light is generated, signifying that Christ is drawing nearer to the world (about to be born). With the lighting of the fifth candle (the Christ candle) it represents Christ's birth and presence on earth. Click on the related links for more detailed information concerning the Advent Wreath.

Peace or preparation, I've checked everywhere and got those two answers.

First off, it's not called an advent tree, they are the advent candles. Second off, there are 4 to 5 of them, not 3. The 4 purple or red ones are representing the 4 weeks counting down to the birth of the Christ child. The 5th optional candle is a large white candle in the center that represents that Christ has come.

the four candles symbolize the four weeks of advent. the colors of the candles symbolizes repentance (violet) except for one which is purple but it has the same symbol of repentance. the circle means the cycle. and the color green symbolizes life.

If you mean as in floral wreath it is a "couronne" (crown).

it means God is present

the running up to christmas, if you mean when you by advent calenders for your children

You need to light another candle

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