What does earned mean?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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The price to earnings ratio is how investors determine how the security is priced. For example, with a high P/E the security is considered expensive, while a low P/E is considered cheap. Most investors tend to buy securities with a low P/E. Let me know if this helps.

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Earned, is something gained from work or effort.

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Q: What does earned mean?
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What does Money earned annually mean?

per year

What does it mean to have a deficit?

That more was spent than was earned

When you create a artbook on moviestarplanet what does the purple star mean?

It mean the fame earned...the star is fameStar=Fame

How much money was earned by Pepsi consumers in 2007?

Do you mean producers.

What does a penny saved a penny earned mean?

A penny earned is a penny saved means the money you save (and you don't spend) then it is earned. Because you don't waste it so it's practically saved.

Does annual mean average?

No, "annual" means on a yearly basis, while "average" is the mean. For example, annual salary would mean the total salary earned in a year, while average monthly salary would mean the total salary earned in a year divided by 12 months.

What does the saying a penny saved is a penny earned?

it mean you shouldn't waste money because you have earned it and you should not want to throw away something you earn right away.

What do you mean by steel butterfly?

Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of the Philippines, earned the nickname Steel Butterfly. She earned the nickname by consistently beating corruption allegations.

What does ERA in baseball mean?

ERA is the abbreviation for Earned Run Average. ERA is calculated on a per-9-inning basis, so if you give up 2 earned runs in 3 innings, then your ERA is 6.00.

What does seventy mean in club penguin?

it means that you have passed or recently earned 70 dollars in a game

What does mean other operation income?

The Income which is earned except from own profession or vocational income or those income earned indirectly from other source, is called other operation Income .

What does revenues is not accrued mean?

Accrued revenue refers to revenue that has been incurred (earned) but not yet received.