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Echinoderm means "Spiny-Skinned" in Greek. For more information, look at "What does echinoderms mean in greek?"

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What does echinoderm mean in greek Why is this a good name for this group?

Echinoderm is Greek for "spiny skin." The echinoderms have a hardened exterior as their name indicates

What does echinoderm mean in Greek and why is it a good name?

Echinoderm means "hedgehog skin" in Greek and refers to spiny sea animals such as sea cucumbers, sea urchins and crinoids.

What does echinoderms mean in Greek?

Echinoderm is from the Greek word εχινόδερμα(echinoderma), meaning "five arms".

Does echinoderm mean headge hog skin?

No. Echinoderm are things like starfish and sea urchins, invertebrates with spiny outsides .

How did the echinoderms get its name?

They have spiny skin and the name comes from Greek word 'echinoderm' which means 'spiny skin'

Is a lobster a echinoderm?

no, a lobster is a crustacean, not an echinoderm

What does echinoderms mean in Latin?

Echinoderm literally means "spiny skin"

What type of symmetry does an echinoderm have?

An echinoderm has a radial symmetry.

Can you use the word echinoderm in a sentence?

A starfish is an echinoderm.

What does the name echinoderm mean?

The spines sticking out of their delicate skin account for their name.

Does an echinoderm have an exoskeleton?

The Echinoderm has an exoskeleton made of Calcium Carbonate

What are the characteristics of echinoderm?

echinoderm or echinodermata ...... it is a spiny-skined animals.

Does a echinoderm have a back bone?

Echinoderm is an invertebrate and therfore it has no backbone

Is a sand dollar an echinoderm?

Yes sand dollar is an echinoderm.

Is the sand dollar an echinoderm?

Yes, a sand dollar is an echinoderm.

Is a spider an echinoderm?

No. A spider is an arachnid. A starfish is an example of an echinoderm.

What is the difference between human spine and a echinoderm?

an echinoderm is an organism with no spine

What does echinoderm means in latin?

Echinoderm means spiny skin in Latin.

What determines how fast or how big an echinoderm will get?

The health of the echinoderm influences growth speed.

What is the largest echinoderm?

The largest species of echinoderm in terms of bulk is the sea star

Is a bird an echinoderm?

A bird is NOT an echinoderm because they dont live in salt water

Why is echinoderm a good name for starfish?

Because echinoderm means "spiny skin."

The nervous system of an echinoderm lacks what?

The nervous system of the echinoderm lacks a cat and a zebra leg, with the fur from a fish, the echinoderm (ee-chee-no-derm) transacts this with its ability to eat rocks, forming a poylp. This makes the echinoderm smart enough to live.

Is a coral an echinoderm?


Is a fish an echinoderm?

Only certain types of fish like sea urchins and sea cumbers are echinoderm

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