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What does egalitarianism mean?

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Condition of political equality.

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What page of guns germs and steel is the word egalitarianism?

I found the word, egalitarianism, on page 90.

What is the opposite of egalitarianism?


How did the revolutionary war help to stimulate the rise of egalitarianism?

the rise of egalitarianism stimulated the revolutionary war by potatos and chocolate milk

On the spectrum you move from authoritatianism to what?


Condition of political equality is called?


What is the condition of political equality called?


What is a condition of political equality called?


What are the synonyms for equality?

fairness, egalitarianism, justness

Which economic providing equality of wealth?


On the political power spectrum you move from authoritarianism to what?


Theme in Harrison Bergeron?

Egalitarianism is counter-productive

What the definition of egalitarianism?

A belief in the equality of all people

Whom did the rise in egalitarianism apply to?

The egalitarianism applied only to white males. The status of women, African Americans and Native Americans didn't change.

When a government's power is spread out or widely distributed what is that called?


On a political power spectrum you would move from authoritarianism to what?

Egalitarianism is the answer.

Did thomas hobbes the author of leviathan believe in authoritarianism or in egalitarianism?


What did the American renaissance in literature reflect?

a move toward egalitarianism and reform

How did the American colonists promote egalitarianism?

The colonists said that all men are equal

How many syllables does egalitarianism have?

There are seven syllables. E-gal-i-tar-i-an-ism.

What is the meaning of an egalitarian society?

Egalitarianism is the belief that all are fundamentally equal. According to the Cultural Theory of risk, egalitarianism has a negative attitude towards rules and priniciples, and a positive attitude toward group decision making. Such theory states that an "egalitarianist society" is held together by cooperation and implicit peer pressure instead of explicit rules and punishment. Some such as Gary Hull of the Ayn Rand Institute say that egalitarianism is outcome based and ends up rewarding mediocrity. Others such as Alexander Berkman who was an anarchist believe that egalitarianism is about equal opportunity.

What are the five aspects of the American creed?

Liberty, Egalitarianism, Individualism, Laissez-faire, and Populism.

How does the value of egalitarianism differ from a hereditary monarchy?

It demonstrates the need for a patriarchy

Is there a global trend of economic egalitarianism?

Yes, if Barack Hussein Obama has anything to say about it!

What are five antonyms for monarchy?

Republic, democracy, liberal government, representative government, equalitarianism, egalitarianism.

Meaning of equity?

Equity is a word that refers to egalitarianism. Basically, it means that a person or situation is dealt with fairly and equally.

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