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It means "the problem" in English.

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Q: What does el problema mean in English?
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What is the English translation for El Problema?

"El Problema", which is Spanish, means "The Problem". "El Problema" is a Spanish song by Ricardo Arjona and was released on March 10, 2003, by Sony Music Distribution.

When was El Problema created?

El Problema was created in 2002.

What is problema in Spanish?

Problema in English means problem.

What actors and actresses appeared in El problema de voz - 2004?

The cast of El problema de voz - 2004 includes: Imanol Camblor as El moreno Lander Otaola as El sordomudo

What does issue mean in English?

Problema (as in: I have an issue) Edicion (as in: I purchased the April issue of this magazine)

What is tengo mean in English?

Tengo means 'i have' if you had the phrase 'Tengo un problema' that would mean in english, 'i have a problem'

What actors and actresses appeared in El problema de Randy - 2011?

The cast of El problema de Randy - 2011 includes: Genaro Hernandez as Joe Martin

What is problema in English?


What does el saco mean in English?

El saco would translate to mean the sack in English.

What does the spanish word EL mean in English?

it means THEboth EL and LA in spanish mean THE in English

What does el piza mean in English?

El piza means "The Chalkboard" in English. El pizza means "The Pizza" in English.

What does el codigo mean in English?

El codigo means "the code" in English.