What does electrostatic force do?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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It makes electrical charges attract one another, or repel one another.

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Q: What does electrostatic force do?
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Is electrostatic force a contact or non contact force?

Electrostatic Force are non-contact force.

Is electrostatic a contact or non contact force?

Electrostatic Force are non-contact force.

Difference between electrostatic force and electromagnetic force?

electrostatic force is the force between the two opposite charges where as the electromagnetic force is movement of electrons

Which force do you compare the electrostatic force to?

Gravitational force.

What three forces can act from a distance?

There are only two forces that act at a distance:gravity, andelectromagnetism.Magnetic fields are sometimes referred to as a third force, however magnetism and electrostatic forces are both examples the electromagnetic force.

Is electrostatic force a fundamental force?

Electrostatic force is a term specifically applied to a situation arising from one of the fundamental forces more properly referred to as the electromagnetic force. You might say electrostatic phenomena or interactions are governed by the electromagnetic force.

What is the most common force causing electrostatic charges?

There isn't any such force. Charges are not caused by force. However, the "Electrostatic Force" is caused by the separation of charges.

Differences between nuclear force and electrostatic force?


What is the force betweenb two electrons?

It is the force of electrostatic repulsion.

What cause a dipole dipole force?

The cause is the electrostatic force.

What is a electrostatic force?

It is a total sum of all electrostatic forces acting upon an object.

Is electrostatic force contact force or non contact force?