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It is the code that is used to show flash or video content.

Useful tutorial on its Google blog:

Embed code is mainly used for embedding video onto web page. Not only video, but also audio uses embed code to play on web page.

To embed video to web page, is a quick solution, check this tutorial about how to easily do this -"_blank"><img src="put link here" border="0"


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Q: What does embed code mean?
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What is the embed code for WeeWorld?

what is the embed code playlists

What is a emble code?

Did you mean embed code? An embed code is HTML (web) code for embedding and image or video in a web page or blog. If you upload a video to youtube, you can get an embed code that links from your web page or blog to the video on youtube, so you can direct readers to the video.

What does embed media mean?

It means you can embed media such as videos onto a website for example. On youtube you can get the embed code to put on your website in order for the video to appear on your site.

What is the pandanda embed code?

You can't embed Pandanda.

How do you embed YouTube videos in Wordpressorg?

You have to copy the embed code and then paste it where it says put embed code here to make the video and then there you go.

What do you mean when you say Embed Video?

Embed video means to embed, or place, a video within the HTML code of the page you are posting on. You can add video using HTML code - you will need more then basic HTML knowledge. Embedding a video player plugin is much easier. You just need to embed simple code provided by plugin creator.

Who knows how to embed code in comments?

We could easily embed code in comments but they won't execute. Comments will start from &lt;!-- and end with --!&gt;.

How do you get PR2 on a yolasite?

Get embed code from kongregate

What do you mean when you say Embed HTML?

here is an example Anyway, you can also try to google the solution to your question.How If you want to add video to website, you need to "embed" it with embed code. Embed code is web page code. When using embed code to add video to website, the Internet address of the video is needed, which is called "URL". This URL tells the web browser via the embed code to find and play the video with its Internet address. About how to add videos to website in the easiest way, check this tutorial - Source is - DIY Flash video player for website

What is an embed code?

Code used to put a game/application on your website.

How do you put playlist on xatspace?

You have to get the embed code of a playlist u want,and then put the embed code anywhere u want on ur xatspace :D

What is the minecraft embed code?

embed code is used for putting flash games/pictures on a sort redirect way. the embed code searches that web side for the item and copies that item to that area of the website and isn't technically on the website.minecraft doesn't have one.

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