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What does enneyeux mean in the french language?

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"ennuyeux" means boring

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What does French mean?

French is a describes something that comes from France. it is also used to mean what language french people, or people from France, speak: the language of French.

What does French to German mean?

it means that someone has to translate from the French language, to German language

What does papillion mean in french?

In the french language papillon means "butterfly".

What does beouf mean in the french language?

beouf means nothing in French.

What does cest le francais mean?

It can mean: "That's French" (the language) or "it is French" or "that's the Frenchman" or "it is the Frenchman".

What does langue mean in French?

It can mean two things: 'tongue' or 'language'.

What does french language mean?

What does your question mean[insert question mark]

What does Anna mean in french?

Anna means perfect, popular and beautiful. It is from the language of French

What does le francais mean in english?

The French. I'm guessing this means the French people, although it could also be taken to mean the French language.

What does tonae' mean in french?

Tonae' isn't French. Doesn't seem to mean anything in any other language.

What does pasta mean in french?

there is no word in the french language that sounds like pasta but the word for pasta in french is pâtes

What does Anu Ki bu mean I think its french.?

I'm French and I can just say that what you wrote is not French language

What does fog mean in french?

"Fog" is not a word in the French language. The English word "Fog" is translated into French as "brouillard"

What does the word le français mean in French?

Le français means "French" (language) or "the French" (a Frenchman).

What does the name Shantelle mean?

"Stone" for Old French language.

What language is le quotidien and what does it mean in English?

Le quotidien comes from the french language. When Le quotidien is translated into the english language from a french to english trasnlator it means daily.

French not the official language of French Polynesia?

The French language is the official language in French Polynesia.

What does Hannah mean in French?

AnneHannah is a female name; the French language equivalent is Anne.

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