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I think it means that an area is filled with only one ethnicity (Aka: White or black or Asain)

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Q: What does ethically homogeneous mean?
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What is ethically sourced mean?

The Question you mean is What Does Ethically Sourced Mean! Ethically sourced is something that has been sourced from somewhere where there are allot of the same product around.

Were the middle colonies characterized by tightly knit ethically homogeneous communities that shared a common sense of religious purpose?


What is ethically sound mean?

Ethically sound means something that can be accepted morally in society.

What does ethically obligated mean?

before introducing frogs eggs to the class the teacher is ethically obligated to what?

What does it mean to have an ANA pattern homogeneous with a flag of A?

Ana pattern homogeneous mean

What does it mean to speak ethically?

I believe it means to speak reasonably or logically.

Is iron homo or hetero?

If you mean homogeneous or heterogeneous, then iron is homogeneous: it is a pure element.

What does homogeneous mix mean?

A homogeneous mixture is a mixture with uniform composition. The parts of a homogeneous mixture can not be separated from one another mechanically.

What does homogenerous mean?

Did you mean homogeneous? Homogeneous means something that is identical or has similar parts. Synonyms are alike, consistent, uniform, or indistinguishable.

What does ethically prohibited mean?

Ethically Prohibited: Actions that are contrary to those required by general morality or by reasonable expectations within the research community and are not justifiable. People are blameworthy for acting in ethically prohibited ways. By way of example, it is ethically prohibited to violate the rules and regulations regarding responsible research that are set out by the federal government, funders, and research institutions.

What does homogeneous mean in science terms?

Homogeneous means of uniform composition; it's the same thing throughout.

What does it mean liver parenchyma is homogeneous?

A homogeneous liver is one that has the same texture throughout.