What does ethos mean?

Updated: 12/8/2022
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Ethnic/religious background.

It means the characteristics, or spirit of a community, it's culture. Or it could be the spirit of an era. What it's characteristics were.

Originaly, it was used in a question like "What is your religion, who is your God."

regardless of who thinks what my former post to this post was better, ibeit it could have been cleaned up some...LOL
Ethos is shared fundamental traits. For example, the traits that a group carry may be a t-shirt, attitude, or beliefs.

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Q: What does ethos mean?
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What does the greek word ethos mean?

The Greek Word Ethos means 'feelings', because ethos is an appeal to emotion. For what ethos is, check out the related questions.

What does ethos mean in ict?

I think that ethos means your beliefs. Some examples of ethos are: table manners, be kind to others, don't do bad things, etc. I don't know what you mean by "ict", though.

What are some examples of ethos logos and pathos in lord of the flies?

ethics, right and wrong, trust; a person will use an ethos argument to show that he is trustworthy and moral; ethos can also mean that he has done his research ...

What does working-class ethos mean?

The working-class ethos means values, beliefs, and morals, of a person who is part of the blue-collar working community.


Ethos English arts

Who destroyed the ethos in di gata defenders?

I think Rion did because I'm in Vietnam,I watched an episode about Rion. In Rion's dream,he saw an Ethos and the Icon.He is half-Ethos so the Ethos said only Ethos can kill Ethos.....?

What are examples ethos appeals?

Ethos is an appeal to what?

What is the Greek meaning of ethos?

In English, the Greek word 'ethos' means 'feelings'; this is because ethos is an appeal to emotion. See the related question for what ethos is.

Does kennedys speech mainly on ethos or pathos?


What is a sentence for the word ethos?

There is a responsibility for the ethos of the school.

What is an antonym for ethos?

the antonyms for ethos are corruption and immorality

What does credo mean?

It's latin for '' I believe" - so it means what you stand for, your ethos , beliefs etc.