What does face mean in relation to shapes?

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The face is a flat surface on a three dismentional shape
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Can models have an oval face shape?

YES! Tyra Banks has and Oval face, and I know Beyonce', and Halle berry are not models,but the are lovely and they are members of the Oval face Family...

This 3d shape has 4 faces?

Square based pyramid and Triangular based pyramid * * * * * A square based pyramid has 5 faces!

What is the name of an 8 faced shape?

an eight sideded polygon is an octagon octa means 8 * * * * * Yes, that is an eight sided shape but the question asked what an 8 FACED shape was. The answer to the question that was asked is an octahedron.

What is a shape that has triangle faces?

It is a hexahedron. There are several types of hexahedron, one of which is the cube. One having 6 triangular faces is a triangular dipyramid.

A shape that has no face?

It depends on how you look at it: A sphere either has no face or it has an infinite number of faces.

What 3D shape has the most faces?

A 3-dimensional shape (polyhedron) can have an unlimited number offaces. However, regular shapes (all sides identical) rapidlyapproach a spherical form beyond about 12 to 20 sides.

What shape has 6 rectangular faces?

A cuboid (rectangular prism) is the only shape with 6 rectangularfaces (3 pairs of rectangles in fact). A cube is a special type ofcuboid where all the rectangles are squares. Both cubes and cuboidsare special types of hexahedron (polyhedrons with 6 faces). The only shape with 6 equal rectangular f ( Full Answer )

What is Selena gomez's face shape?

Selena Gomez has a heart shaped face. You can tell by the rounder cheeks and the chin, which is slightly pointed.

What are shape faces?

A shape face is basically a face on a shape eg: there are 6 faces on a cube and cuboid so there is your answer!

What shape is the face of a can?

The can is a cylinder. Therefore, the faces are circles, since the faces are the top and bottom of the can.

What shape has 4 faces not a pyramid?

A Tetrahedral * * * * * It is a tetrahedron (tetrahedral is its adjective). And, in any case it IS a pyramid - with a triangular base.

What hairstyles go with what face shapes?

An oval face will suit any haircut. A rectangle face is long so you pick a style that has width and is short so it doesn't drag down your face. A long face is the same. For a round face you should have a longer style without width as this will make your face appear longer. Heart and triangular face ( Full Answer )

This shape has 8 faces?

Its a Octagon * * * * * No. An octagon is a shape with 8 sides. 8 faces implies a 3-dimensional object, which would have to be an octahedron.

Definition of face in 3D shape?

There is a lot of controversy about this topic. Some people say that every surface is a face and other say it's only flat surfaces. It's pretty clear in prisms of pyramids (excluding the cone) but it get mor complicated when you get into cylinders, spheres, and cones. The best answer is, there is no ( Full Answer )

What are the shapes of the faces of a triangular prism?

Triangles and rectangles ijhjnjn bcdhc 2 triangles and 3 rectangles There are three rectangular faces and two triangular faces. 2 triangles and 3 rectangles.Hope this helps:-) triangles and rectangles it is 4 The bottom and top are triangles, the sides are rectangles. Tiangles

Which shape has one circular face?

a clock, a 2 dementioal circle, and the flat part of a cone (the rounded part). hope this answers your question.

How the values of mean and median relate to shape?

The question is how do the mean and median affect the distribution shape. In a normal curve, the mean and median are both in the same point. ( as is the mode) If a distribution is skewed, its tail is either on the right or the left. If a distribution is skewed the median may be a better value ( Full Answer )

How many faces can a 3D shape have?

For planar faces, any number you want of 4 of more. examples: . a tetrahedron has 4 faces . a triangular prism has 5 faces . a cube has 6 faces . a hexagonal prism has 8 faces . a dodecagonal prism has 12 faces . an icosahedron has 20 faces Using a prism, the number of faces is the num ( Full Answer )

What shape has 6 rectanglges faces?

Could it be a hexahedron. A cube has 6 sides and they are squares. A rectangular prism has 6 faces that are rectangles.

What shape faces does a dodecahedron have?

All 12 sides are straight! This is a 2 dimensional object. * * * * * A dodecahedron is NOT a 2 dimensional object so the above answer is utter nonsense. A dodecahedron has pentagonal faces.

How many shapes of faces dodecahedron?

composed of 12 regular http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Pentagon faces, with three meeting at each vertex, and is represented by the http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Schl äfli_symbol {5,3}. It has 20 vertices's and 30 edges. Your welcome :)

What is the shape of each of the faces of a pyramid?

Instead of telling you the answer, think: What does it mean to have the pyramidal Shape? Hint: There are many many cases, but only the "base" is changing, the side is always the same shape.

What shapes are the faces on a triangular prism?

A triangular prism consists of 3 rectangles and 2 triangles (one on each end). For comparison: a rectangular pyramid (like the Great Pyramids) have 4 triangles and 1 rectangle (usually a square). A triangular pyramid has 4 triangles (imagine a normal pyramid, but with only three sides and the bott ( Full Answer )

What shape has no faces and no sides?

The sphere. Unlike the circle, the sphere is a sort of "3 Dimensional" version of the circle. A circle, being a 2-D round shape, has a face... whereas brought into 3-D, the sphere is free of all "faces".

What shape has 1 flat face?

none unless u consider a circle has a face * * * * * In fact, any two dimensional closed figure: triangle, quadrilateral, other polygons, circle, ellipse, wriggly loop all have 1 flat face.

What is the least common face shape?

Pear (also known as triangular) The forehead is narrow compared to all the other facial features and u have a round chin, and widest at your cheekbones. Just like the fruit :)

Which 3d shape has 1 face?

That's impossible. A shape has three or more sides/faces. There is NO shape that has one or two sides/faces

What shape is the face of can?

The can is a cylinder. Therefore, the faces are circles, since the faces are the top and bottom of the can.

What is shape of faces?

In the context of polyhedra, they are polygons. Otherwise, they can be any shape you like.

Does gym changes face shape?

Yes, It changes As your body starts losing fat.so, does your face Slowly your jaw line becomes much sharp and visible Yadhav krishnan - A Fitness enthusiastic from india Source : My self reduced 20 kgs

What shape has 12vertices and 8 faces?

We don't have a shape since a shape is a flat plane . We call that a prism . The prism that has 12 vertices and 8 faces is called a hexagonal prism .

Which shape has no vertices and two faces?

A hyperboloid. A sphere, ellipsoid, toroid or paraboloid intersected by a plane. There are probably others. A hyperboloid. A sphere, ellipsoid, toroid or paraboloid intersected by a plane. There are probably others. A hyperboloid. A sphere, ellipsoid, toroid or paraboloid intersected by a pla ( Full Answer )

What shape has 4546 faces?

A lot of 2-dimensional shapes over 10 are just given a name for the number then -gon at the end. Although with 3-D shape you would have to be more specific as if the it were a pyramid or whatever shape.

What shapes has 8 faces?

An octahedron is a 3d shape that has eight faces. An octahedron is made from equilateral triangles, with four points meeting in one spot called a vertex.