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What does field mean?

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The term feild means a green green place that is cool :) and has green stuff all arround it

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What is gradient ratio?

what do you mean by gradient of a scalar field? what do you mean by gradient of a scalar field?

What is Rosa parks field of expertise?

Field? You mean kitchen...

What does outfield mean?

a field

What is a location field mean?

Location Mean AREA..

What does semantic field mean in poetry?

what does semantic field mean please i need help my homework i due in tomorrow

What is mean in education field?

It depends if you are talking about the field in math, or the strictness of teachers.

What does microscope field mean in science?

it means to see through the microscope on a field

What dose meadow mean?


What does the prefix cam mean?


What does cae mean in welsh?


What is the mean of a field?

un campo

What does Kakashi's name mean?

Kakashi's name means scarecrow, and Hatake mean field, so his name meaning is Scarecrow of the field.

What is the term 'field' mean in databases?

"Field" equates to a column of a database table, the two terms are interchangeable.

What you mean by field?

"Field" has lots of different meanings; see, for example, the Wikipedia article on "Field" for some uses of the word.

What does 'not dead' mean in field hockey?

It means nothing in field hockey.

What does field of view mean of a microscope?

a place where the background of the object is called field in microscope

What does the prefix agri mean?

food i think it means FIELD as in, growing plants in a field

What does it mean when the field lines are closer together?

This means the intensity or strength of the field is greater.

What does NM mean in track and field?

In field events, or heptathlon/decathlon, it means "no mark".

What does Field mean ict terms?

Each column ina database is called a field

What does campo in spanish mean?

It can mean a lot of things depending on what you are talking about. It can mean field (as in the field you plant crops in) or a field (as in the one you would play Soccer on). They also use it for Camp (like scout's camp), along with many other things.

What does rf mean in baseball?

right field

What does the name Roosevelt mean?

"Field of roses."

What does midfield mean?

It means the middle of the field. :)

What does lee mean?

It means 'Field Meadow'.

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