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To prevent cross contamination. Meaning the person wearning the mask is not contaminated (effected) by any airborne contaminates or bring into the scene any contaminates. (and some scenes really stink so this helps with the oder also) Dust masks to preserve the crime scene.

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What is forensic phonetics?

The use of phonetics (the science of speech) for forensic (legal) purposes.

Who would use forensic science in their jop?

A forensic scientist like Temperence Brennan from the show bones.

What sicance do crime scene investigation use?

Forensic science

How much has the use of forensic science improved investigative policing?


Computer use in the field of science?

uses of computers in the field of science

Why do police use forensic science?

The police don't use forensic science scientist that are part of the department do but to answer your question they use it so that they can clarify that their evidence is genuine and that it has some sort of connection to the suspect. or else they will arrest the wrong person :/

How does a forensic scientist use math?

Forensic science is any branch of science used to analyze crime scene evidence for a court of law. All science uses math concepts and equations, and forensic scientists are well educated in mathematical concepts they use to analyze evidence from crime scenes.such as Measurements, Proportions, Trigonometry

What does a person who studied forensic analysis do?

Forensic analysis is the use of science (forensics) to analyze physical evidence relating to past circumstances.

Whats it called when you use d.n.a to find who committed a crime?

Forensic Science

Who was the first to use forensic science?

The New York State Prison system

How do scientists use forensics?

Well, you can't really "use" forensics.The word 'forensic' means applied to the law, or applied to legal matter.So, that means that forensic science is science that is used - or applied - to the law, or to legal matter.

What careers use Carbon 14?

They use carbon 14 to find out how old fossils are and for forensic science

How does a neurosuregon use science in there field?

They use the science behind the human body

What type of science does a forensic scientist use?

Biology, chemistry and drugs/ toxicology, I think!

How do archaeologists use forensic science?

they put the fingerprint brush up there bum, and then poo.

Forensic Scientist?

Shows based on forensic science have been popular for years, both reality shows and fictional shows. There are few people that aren’t familiar with true crime shows like Forensic files or fictional crime shows like CSI and Bones. These shows are popular because they portray the exciting field of forensic science. Forensic scientists use their scientific knowledge to help solve legal cases. Like television characters in fictional television shows, forensic scientists use science to solve crimes. Unlike their television counterparts, most of the work done by real life forensic scientists is very technical and behind the scenes. A forensic scientists analyzes evidence, reports on it, and sometimes testifies in a trial. There are many forensic scientist variations. While some forensic scientists specialize in solving murders, others help to solve financial crimes or other offenses that require a scientist to use special knowledge. For example, some forensic scientists are geologists and they combine forensic science with this subject to help them solve crimes that might call for a scientist to analyze geological evidence for a court case. The job outlook for forensic science positions is bright. The field is expected to continue growing quickly over the next decade. It’s the right time to major in forensics. As for salary, a beginning salary is usually a little over $47,000, meaning that an experienced forensic scientist can expect to make much more. Forensic scientists can have an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or Ph.D. Other forensic scientists major in another area, such as chemistry, but then add a forensic science specialty to it. This means that the forensic scientists is doubly knowledgeable about two very important subjects and can apply that dual knowledge to court cases in order to do a better job analyzing and reporting on crimes. Forensic science is one of the fastest growing fields today and there is always a need for good forensic scientists to solve crimes. By choosing a career in forensic science, a student can look forward to a challenging career that will take them through everything science has to offer a curious student of forensics. More importantly, the forensic scientist will help solve important criminal cases and help people.

How do you use forensic science?

Forensic Science is used to answer questions that deal with criminal or civil actions. Forensics has many subdivisions such as Digital Forensics, Criminalistics, Forensic Psychology, etc. Law & Order, The Mentalist, and the CSI television shows apply a glamorized version of forensics.

How is pollen examined in a lab?

by using a microscope. some people use pollen for forensic science

What is the meaning of forensic science?

Forensic science is a multidisciplinary subject used for examining crime scenes and gathering evidence to be used in prosecution of offenders in a court of law. Forensic science techniques are also used to examine compliance with international agreements regarding weapons of mass destruction. The main areas used in forensic science are biology, chemistry, and medicine, although the science also includes the use of physics, computer science, geology, and psychology. Forensic scientists examine objects, substances (including blood or drug samples), chemicals (paints, explosives, toxins), tissue traces (hair, skin), or impressions (fingerprints or tidemarks) left at the crime scene. The majority of forensic scientists specialize in one area of science. Above retrieved from

When did Forensic science start?

The first recorded use of forensic science was in the year 1248. In this year, medical knowledge was used to solve a crime, which scrapes the surface of the forensic science that is used today. Methods involving blood typing have been utilized since about 1900, and certainly not before that. This knowledge has been sourced from the English Forensics Encyclopedia. I hope this helps!

Does the University of Texas at Austin have classes in Forensic Science?

Use the provided link to their home page and check it out.

Forensic Science can best be defined as?

the construction of testable explanations and predictions about the natural world through the use of evidence.

Can you be a CSI straight out of high school?

I would recommend getting a forensic anthropology major. Forensic science use to be what most people got as a major, but it has moved to be more of a minor for most people.

How do you use logician in a sentence?

A scientist is a logician in the science field.

Why should people use forensic science?

Forsenic science is the science used to find out the culprit of a crime. It is useful for tracking down all sorts of criminals. Without forsenic science, we wouldn't know who was the criminal of certain crimes.