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The definition of freedom differs depending on who you ask. Sartre claimed that we are all completely free 100% of the time. We are free to choose what ever course of action we like. We might not think we are free to kill for example because we could go to prison. Sartre contends that this is only a constraint as far as we allow to be. He went on to say that our freedom allows us to choose anything even how tall a mountain is or the color of the sky.

Politically speaking freedom seems to be defined as 'you are free to do what we tell you!' No society with laws and other constraints over our choices could ever be deemed as 'free.' Perhaps then the founding fathers of the U.S. were being somewhat misleading when they gave the country the handle 'land of the free,' they should have continued to say 'don't be surprised if you end up in prison if we don't like your choices.'

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Q: What does freedom mean?
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