What does gearbox mean for airsoft?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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It is the "organ" I guess you could call it, that makes the airsoft gun work. Inside, there are many parts:

- Cylinder

- Cylinder head

- Piston (and piston head)

- Spring

- Spring guide

- Tappet plate

- Air nozzle

- 3 gears (sector, spur, and bevel)

- Anti-reversal latch

- Trigger assembly

- Wires to battery

- Wires to motor

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A gearbox in an airsoft gun is basically what propels the bb's out of the gun. A series of gears spin and push a piston into a cylinder. Because the piston fits very tightly inside the cylinder, the air that was inside the cylinder has to be pushed out, so it's pushed out the other end where the BB is and this pushes the BB out of the gun.

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Q: What does gearbox mean for airsoft?
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Why is my airsoft m4 sounding different and not shooting anything?

Probably a problem with the gearbox. I would send it to an airsoft store/ repair shop and have them work on it.

Can airsoft guns take bbs?

no it would break the gun or get jammed in the gearbox or somethin

Where to buy a good airsoft silencer?

No silencer is going to actually "silence" your airsoft gun since the sound is coming from the gearbox, not the barrel. But a good place to get a mock silencer would be Airsoft GI and

What does dry fire mean for airsoft?

To Dryfire any gun means to fire it without any projectile in the chamber. No BB's or pellets. For most airsoft guns dry-firing is harmful and may lead to breaking some internal parts. Gearbox can get cracks after much dry-firing.

What is an airsoft mechbox?

It is the Gearbox that is pretty much what you pay for when you get a gun. Every part in the gearbox works together to make the gun function. I'm not going to explain how it works, but do this if you want to learn. Go to and look for their airsoft 101 button right under the website logo. You will become an expert in no time.

Where is the motor on a airsoft gun?

Most airsoft guns have the motors in the grip (like AK, M4/M16, and G36 models) but some guns (mainly bulpups) have the motors entering the gearbox from the back.

Is there an airsoft aeg for about 20 so that you can learn how to take apart including gearbox?

Check some of the bigger airsoft retail sites - most have a boneyard section where you can buy damaged guns for cheap.

What does MSG mean in airsoft?

MSG has not significance in airsoft.

How do you build an airsoft rifle?

by buying all of the parts nessecary such as motor gearbox wireing body hopup barrell assembly etc to come togehter to have an airsoft gun go to learn more.

Are agm airsoft guns li poly ready?

No. The use of one would most likely render your gearbox permanatley damaged

What is the best airsoft aeg ak47 m4 or 16 under 100 you can get with a full metal gearbox?

The AK 47 Is Better Then m4

What is the best airsoft rifle?

Any rifle with a version two or version three gearbox. That includes the AR-15 series of guns (M4s, M16s, and anything of the like) or MP5s. These gearbox versions are the easiest to fix and upgrade.