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What does gesture mean in drama?

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A lot of the time it means to move your hand in a dramatic way - eg., if your character is really upset, you might wave your arms around a litte.

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What is gesture in drama?

what is gersurjfjfekvnfkevmksdckslcmo Sdvjdskvjskdvmskd

What are the elements of Dance Drama?

Dance & Codified Gesture Movement...

What does gesture mean?

A gesture is the movement of the body, particularly your hands.

What does GEMS stand for in drama?

What does GEMS stand for in drama, could it be Girl Exits, Man Stays?

What does the hand gesture for Alpha Phi Alpha mean?

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What does the OK gesture mean in hispanic countries?

The gesture "OK" mean that you will have a good day and other thoughtful things in Hispanic countries.

What does the middle finger mean?

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What does geste mean in German?

It means "gesture".

What does Action mean in dance?

action in dance is a form of dance notation, it is a surport gesture touch and air gesture.

What is character modeling in drama?

A frozen status which models your character. Your teammates or friends will help to see and to put you into a better gesture.

What does corporate role mean in drama?


What does shrugged mean?

1. a gesture involving the shoulders

What did hawkeye gesture mean?

they would be thrown into the precipice

What is mean by greeting?

A gesture or word of welcome or salutation.

What part of speech is gesture?

Gesture is a noun (a gesture) and a verb (to gesture).

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What is the 7 letter synonym for word 'Signal'?

If you mean a gesture/action/sound to convey information then, Message, gesture or warning

What does song mean in drama?

i think that song means in drama is like a pattern in drama.

What does it mean if he patted your back twice?

it's a gesture of affection..

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It means the number 4.

What does the gesture mean in sign language to rub your elbow?

A CheapStake!

What does the gesture mean in sign language to slap your elbow?


How do you write gesture?

You write gesture like this: gesture.

What does melodramatic gesture mean?

it means acting in an exaggerated manner, often to elicit sympathy in others that probably wouldn't be due to the melodramatic person if he/she acted normally. this is to be distinguished from melon dramatic, where a melon is the drama queen instead of a person.