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Dia leat; God be with you! (Irish Gaelic)

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Q: What does go raibh Dia leat mean in English?
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Say may god go with you in Irish?

go raibh dia leat

How do you write prosper in Gaelic?

The Irish word for 'prosper' is rathaigh or bisigh.Scottish:

How do you say 'God is with us' in the Gaelic languages?

---> Tá Dia i ngach aon rud

God with you in Gaelic?

In Irish it's Dia leat (singular), Dia libh (plural).

Tapadh leat Go mbeannaí Dia dhuit?

"Tapadh leat " is Scottish and means "Thank you" "Go mbeannaí Dia dhuit" is Irish and means "God bless you"

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'God be with you'?

Gaelic languages include Irish (Gaelic) and Scottish Gaelic, making it impossible to know which one is being asked for. You are encouraged to ask a question that specifies "Irish" or "Scottish Gaelic" to assure that you receive the translation you are seeking.In Irish (Gaelic): 'Dia do do bheannú' would be pronounced in Donegal dialect as 'Jeea dhuh dhuh vannoo'. Another phrase would be 'Beannacht Dé ort' (bannochth jae orth). This is addressing one person, rather than plural.In Scottish Gaelic: Dia 'gad bheannachd! Dia leat! Dia is gràs!

What does algun dia mean in English?

Algun dia means some day in English

What does Otro Dia mean in English?

The spanish words 'otro dia' mean in English: other day.Another response:Another day

How do you say God bless you in Scots gaidhlig?

Dia leat! (singular/informal) or Dia leibh! (plural/formal)

What is the Irish for 'blessed be'?

In Irish it's: Beannacht Dé ort (singular) / Beannacht Dé oraibh (plural)'Beannacht Dé ort!' God bless you. (To one person)'Beannacht Dé oraibh!' is the plural.

What does Dia daoibh a chailíní mean in english?

"Dia dhaoibh a chailíní" means "Hello girls"

What does para el dia mean in English?

for the day . . .