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its horrible

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2013-01-16 10:26:51
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Q: What does gordons gin taste like?
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What type of liquor does Gordons sell?

In the United Kingdom Diageo is the manufacturer of Gordons London dry gin. Gordons dry gin is one of the top selling gin liquors in all countries that it is offered in.

How many calories are in Gordons gin?

69 calories/oz. for gordon's dry gin

What are the ingredients of gordons dry gin?

Juniper berries

What was developed in london in 1769 by scot alexander Gordon?

Gordons gin

What does gin taste like?

bad water

What does gin and tonic taste like?

Some peope like GIN and some people don't like GIN and same thing with TONIC

What does gin and milk taste like?

i just tried it and the milk chunked up instenly ! yu Actually, gin and milk can taste well together. I like to put strawberry hersheys syrup in the milk, and then add some extra dry gin to it. You can't even taste the gin in it!

What gin doesn't taste like juniper berries?

Gillman's, Beafeater, and any fake gin and vodka gin/floral gin. Beafeater is a floral gin, Hendrick's and Bombay and vodka's gin.

What gives gin its taste?


What is brand names of Gin?

There are many brandnames of Gin depending on the country you are in and the price range you are looking at. Some commonly found brands of medium to high quality gin are: Gordons, Gilbeys, Beefeater, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Hendricks, Martin Millers, Plymouth.

Which two drinks taste the same?

gin and vodka

What is the correct measurement of gin in gin and tonic?

2oz. of Gin and 5oz. Tonic. Garnish with Lemon or Lime wedge to suit your own taste

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