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What does green snot mean?

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Snot is green due to the presence of alpha-hemolytic streptococci, also many bacteria lyse red blood cells (also due to inflammation).

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What does it mean if a dog's snot is green?

isn't that the normal color of snot?

Why is snot green?

snot is green because the articles inside react with your nose and therefore turning your snot green.

What does it mean if you have green snot?

If you have green snot coming out of your nose, it may be due to an infection. If the infection doesn't clear up within a few days, you may need antibiotics.

Smelly green snot in one nostril?

You most likely have a sinus infection if you have green snot. With sinus infection you can have green or yellow snot and you will need an antibiotic to get rid of it.

Does green snot mean you have a sinus infection?

Yes, it is an indicator but it is not a definite that you have a sinus infection if you have green mucous.

Is snot supposed to green?

No it is supposed to be yellow.

Why am i Coughing up hard green pieces of snot?

because your body is trying to get all of that snot, that was in your body.

Is snot blue?

Snot can be determined as green or yellow if you have sinuses, allergies, or a common cold. Otherwise, it may be clear. I have never seen blue snot before.

If you have green snot should you see the doctor?

Depends what type of green. If you mean normal green then it's normal. But if the green has a hint of blue I recomend you do, the blueness is caused by bad things entering your body.

What color should snot be?

green or brown :P

Is green snot bad?

yes it removes your brain

What does it mean when your snot goes to clear to green to yellow?

Clear snot is straight mucus, which is the secretion of the mucus glands of the nasal cavity. This is normal, and everyone should have a small amount of clear snot on a regular basis - this is what traps the large dust particles and keeps them out of your lungs. Green and yellow snot is mucus mixed with dead inflammatory cells; the color is hard to correlate with a particular inflammatory cell, as the majority of them will be dead neutrophils. Colored snot tends to indicate an infection in the nasal cavity, although a slight yellow color to snot can be normal. Snot changing colors from clear to green to yellow means you were free of infection, then you had an upper respiratory infection, then it was cleared up by your body's defenses.

How do I eliminate mustard green odor?

wipe it with ur snot

What does the color green make you think of?

I think of snot! Rofl

Why are bogey's green?

cause the dust up ur nose turns into green slimey snot

What does the name boggie mean?


What does tr mean in crochet?


What do snot colors mean?

They mean bacteria if its yellow Dragonite_247

What does it mean if a dog's snot is cloudy?

He is sick

Is it normal for a dog to have green snot?

no it is not normal dogs don5t have snot you should know that if you are a pet owner otherwise u shouyldnt own a doggy dogg

How do you know you have a cold?

when you blow your nose your snot is green! when u go to the doctor

What color should you snot be when you are not sick?

You should normally blow out green mucus.

What is the most ugliest color ever?

snot green; swamp green; booger green all the same possibly pink, depending on preference

Why is mucus green?

Mucus is the snot that comes out from your nose , it is mixed by 2 different colored bacteria , yellow and blue ( which make green!).

What does snot burger mean?

Its Probably the opposite to "Fur Burger."