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Green tastes sweet, warm, nature,. it melts in your mouth and gives you happy feelings. green is the colour for good health.

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Does green plantain taste like sweet plantain?

Yes green plantain taste like sweet plantain

Do green plantains taste like sweet plantains?

Yes green plantains taste like sweet plantains

What does green tea taste like?

It tastes green

What do peas taste like?

They taste really gross and mushy. But they are green and I like that color. Peas out!

What do green bananas taste like?


How arugula taste?

like a green radish

What does leek taste like?

mild green onion/scallion

Why does broccoli taste bad?

Because its green! It all depends on your taste buds. I actually like broccoli.

Is there a ciggarette that taste like weed?

yes there is it called green whistle

Why does Arizona green tea in cans taste like soap?

It doesn't.

What do rose petals taste like?

Rose petals will taste leathery and taste somewhat like other uncooked, unflavored green vegetables you might have eaten (since they are all plants).

What green beans taste like?

They taste like road kill, goat blood,gravy,and fish bones mixed in a blender served with a side of shrimp yogurt .(which DOES NOT taste good.) To make it more simpler,they taste like PU. Do not eat them.

Does adding green food coloring effect the taste of the food?

Yes, all food coloring has a taste. I did a science expiriment and it concluded that they all do... but they taste different according to the person My mom said the blue tasted like sour milk and red and green had no taste. My sister said the blue had no taste, the red tasted sweet, and the green was bitter.

How can you help frogs in your unclorinated green pool?

fry them they taste like chicken

Is green pepper good for you?

yes, if you like the taste it is full of vitamin c

What does the green color mean?

Green means envious or beautiful. You have good taste if you like the color green. Also it means rare and curious!

What does the colour blue taste like?

well its a little like red and a little like green. its great on orange.

What do leeks taste like?

Leeks taste like a mild, sweet onion. Even more mild than a shallot (not the green onion shallot but the gourmet onion)

Does all of a cauliflower taste the same?

No, the florets taste different to the stem and different cauliflowers taste differently. - I regularly buy green and purple cauliflower as I like them in salad due to their different colour and taste.

Why doesn't lime green taste like a lime?

It is made artificialy It is made artificialy

Is it safe to eat the green leaves on a carrot?

Yes, they can taste a bit like parsley.

Which part of the scallion has better taste?

The green part of the scallion is generally the desired taste. The white parts taste more like normal onions, but the greens are the main point.

Is a plantain like a potato?

Actually a plantain is more like a banana. Green plantains do taste more like a potato though.

What kind of taste does grape have?

Green small taste , if seedless you don't taste seeds

What is green pickle?

Pickles are blue with pink spots and the taste like dirty jim socks!