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the right vitamins and minerals also doesnt need to be washed every day or it will take out all of the natural oils that contribute to shiny thick healthy hair

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Q: What does hair need to grow thick and healthy?
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Is it ok to let your hair grow long with a taper hair cut?

Yes, and the hair will grow just fine. Eventually however, you will need to get a healthy trim to even everything out.

What can you do to grow faster?

well, to make your HAIR grow faster, i suppose you would just need to keep it healthy. If you have really thick, curly maybe frizzy hair, you would need to wash it regularly, and keep it healthy and clean. If you have thin straight hair, and its short then again, you would need to keep it healthy, but it might not grow as fast as it usually would. If you have had a haircut and made it EXTREMELY short, then that would defianately take a while to grow back long again. Maybe using some hair products from your local beauty shop could help, they might sell something to actually make it grow faster, but make sure you have talked throught with it with your hairdresser, as it may damage or make your hair fall out!! The problem i have with my hair, is that its thick, frizzy, wavy and dry. I usually wash it, and blow dry it, but that doesnt seem to do anything, but make it worse. I have recently bought a frizzy serem thing for my hair, and i havent used it but ill see how that works out for me.

What vitamins and minerals does hair need to grow thick and healthy?

Vitamins such as A, B, E, Biotin and Zinc are good to keep the hair healthy and strong. You should also ensure to eat a well-balanced diet.For more information on vitamins and minerals for hair care, skin and nails, check the links under the Sources and related links section below.

Do your eyelashes grow?

Yes, of course eyelashes grow long because eyelashes are hair like your other hair in your body, but the area the eyelashes are formed that area need to healthy and it need to have good protein developed in there.

How can you grow your hair?

There are many different ways:Buying shampoos to make your hair grow longkeeping it loose and let it grow out without being touched!- DO NOT USE not heat damage your hair, such as- hair straighteners, hairdryer, hairspray, sun etcBut the best way is to eat healthy, type into google 'what vitamins do i need to make my hair healthy and grow long' and it will tell you fruit&veg to buy which has the vitamins to help you grow your hair, also try and not damage your hair with heat products.

How do aloe vera grow your hair?

The aloe Vera works hard at the root of your hair. It immediately moisturizes, cleans, hydrates, and makes your hair healthy. That is exactly what you need to grow your hair faster. I recommend this method. I tried it . My hair looked absolutely gorgeous.

How do you get healthy long hair fast?

Hair grows at an average rate of 1/2 inch per month, and there is no "fast" way to grow your hair. But to have healthy hair, you need to eat a balanced diet and don't over process your hair with coloring, perms, etc.

How does hair grow?

you dont need to cut your hair or trim it for it to grow fast, it only makes your hair look nicer. its all in the roots so make sure you eat very healthy and your hair will grow faster than normal and be strong + durable all that hair is the dead cells in you body

Does taking frequent showers make your HAIR grow faster?

No, wash your hair every other day, washing it to much just strips out the natural oils which you need for healthy hair ..

What can you use to grow hair at the front of your head?

To help hair growth you need to take vitamins, eat a healthy diet and scalp stimulation. You can purchase a vitamin called biotin specifically for hair.

Do plants need Atmosphere to grow?

Yes, plants do need Atmosphere to grow healthy

How can you get your hair to grow in one day?

There is no need to. Your hair will grow in one day, but not by much.

Does Pantene shampoo and conditioner make your hair grow faster or longer?

No shampoo will make the hair faster. But the shampoo and conditioner keeps the hair healthy so growing it long is better with no need to cut the tips.

Why Do you Need Food To Go Grow?

to be healthy

Why do young children need healthy food?

Young children need healthy food so that they can get nutrients and grow!

Why do children need nutrition?

to grow and remain healthy

How do you get rid of thin hair and get a thick long hair?

by using vinegar we can get volume to the hair,according to the hair types ,we need to use the vinegar.....

What plants need to grow healthily?

Plants need soil,air,water and sunlight to grow into healthy plants.

Do plants need light to grow healthy?

Plants need light to grow at all. Except fungi.

How do you make slow growing hair grow super fast?

Here are a few tips on how to help your hair to grow faster. First, cut off the split ends. Yes, I know, you want your hair to grow, not get shorter. Well, you have to start by getting rid of the split ends. The dead and split ends just have to go because your hair needs to be healthy. After getting them cut off, you really need to take care of your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb if you must brush your hair while it's wet as it will help keep the ends from breaking off. Use a shampoo made specially for your type of hair. There are shampoos for dry hair, for damaged hair, for weak hair, for thin hair, and so on. The hair needs to be moist (not as in wet, but not "dry"), healthy, thick, and strong. Don't use rubber bands or elastics with the metal enclosure to pull your hair back, else it will break your hair. Also, massaging your scalp daily is recommended for hair growth.

How do you make hair grow faster overnight?

Sadly you cant make your hair grow long overnight. But you can follow these tips to help your hair grow faster and healther in general. - Get your hair trimmed more often (keeps hair cleaner and healthier) - Refrain from using heat to style your hair (straightener, curlers, blow dryers) - Keep your hair CLEAN and HEALTHY. Dirty hair tends to be damaged, and proper nutrition will provide the elelments that hair follicles need to maintain growth and strength.

What is the generalization on how a mongo seed grow in water with aspirin?

what need plants to grow healthy

Why does a plant need the sun to grow?

becasue without it plants cant grow to be healthy

What are some hair products that will make your hair grow?

thre are a lot of products that will only HELP your hair grow you will have to do your part take in a lot of water and you need a healthy diet sugars ,fats and oil extracts can prohibit your hair from growing.prohibit means to stop or discountinue here are some of the products and things that will help your hair to grow:doo grow , mane'n'tail products,natural oils such as natural herbs,citrus fruits,jojoaba,rosemary,and sage, and use expensive hair products because the fake stuff wont work. you also need to wash and condithion your hair, and also get your hair greased to the scab 2-3 times a week and once or twicea month get you hair braided for people who have thick hair and comb you hair out once a week. for coucasion people bont get you hair braided or greased or oiled because your hairl is naturally oily. so you should follow some of those steps if you want your hair to grow

What does your hair need to stay healthy?

washing and eating heathy