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It means that along with the starter at a position, you take his backup in case he gets hurt. so if you Pick L.T. you handcuff Michael Turner to him, which means that you also pick Turner.


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Fantasy Football is a fantasy game where you pick teams of real life players and score points based on those players statistical performances in real life. You can learn more about fantasy football online at the Wikipedia.

Many people pick funny names for their fantasy football teams

You go onto a Fantasy Football Website, create an account and then pick your team.

Click on fantasy. Go down and click on fantasy football. What you do is click register now. It'll tell you to pick a team name, a password, and your email address. The reason they ask you for your email address is incase you forget your password. Go down and click on register now. Now you hve a Fantasy Football on sikids. After you do all this, you can pick players for your team and pick a logo for your helmet!

Need to work out what the question means first!

qb rb wr te kicker defense/special teams

No, but there are bowl games where you can pick which Team will win each game kind of like Bracketology

What kind of draft is it where you get the 1st and 15th pick and someone else has the 4th and 8th?

My first draft pick would be Adrian Peterson, knowing that L.T has been lacking the last couple of years.

I think Slaton has higher upside. Better team. Jax may be a bust.

Individual Defensive Player. In these leagues you pick individual defensive players rather than team defenses. They usually get points for tackles, sacks, and interceptions.

Most drafts use what is called a serpentine draft style, meaning the draft flips each round. So if you pick 1st in round 1, you would pick last in the next round, then begin the process again, picking 1st in the 3rd round, and last in the 4th rd. and so on and so on. Many of the major contests and big fantasy football sites use this format for their contests.

As of now I would pick Bill Haas, Phil Mickelson, and Jhonathan Vegas.

Pick up a copy from

It would be okay to pick up KJ McDaniel and let Tyreke go for your Fantasy Basketball team.

Fantasy basketball. You know the great plyrs. they're easy to pick, plus, you may win!

If you are going to be playing in a fantasy golf league and need to pick players, it is important to first research them. Learn their strengths and weaknesses as well as their previous records and choose who you think will perform best.

well it depends if you have never played final fantasy x then you should get it but if you have played it then get final fantasy xii ok

1. Pick your position then show them what you got. 2. Go to a big Football event then a Scout might pick you and put you in a team.

Because she stinks in flag football

You pick your numbers and hope they come up.

yes just go to game modes, franchise, pick your team, and then switch the fantasy draft option to yes.

Yes, most leagues do use TE's. Sometimes TE's are a smart pick they are not a worthless player like most people think. They will get around 10-15 points per game.

The Pro Football Pick 'Em Show - 2011 was released on: USA: 8 September 2011

Wait until the last round of your draft especially if you're able to pick up players during the season. Many good kickers go undrafted and you can always upgrade by picking a better on off waivers.

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