What does hasta luega mean?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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It is Hasta Luego it means

See you later

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Q: What does hasta luega mean?
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What does hasta luega mean in English?

It means 'bye' or 'see you later'.

What does hasta mean in spanish?

Hasta means "until".

What does hasta ayer mean?

hasta ayer = until yesterday

What does hasta Pronto mean in Spanish?

Hasta pronto means see you soon

What does Hasta Mania always be mine means?

If you mean Hasta Manana / Hasta Manyana, this means Until Tomorrow in Spanish

What does the spanish word hasta pronoto mean in English?

Hasta pronto = See you soon.

What does hasta you verte mean in English?

Hasta you varte in English means until you see.

What does hasta la wago mean?

it's Hasta means see you later

What does hasta nunca mean?

hasta nunca = until never or see you never

What does hasta la vida mean?

'hasta la vida' means 'until life'; but I think you mean:'hasta la vista' - 'till I see you again'/'so-long', etc.

What is te amo a hermana you amiga ta ta chao vamous hasta luega in english?

Well, that is mostly incorrect Spanish. "te amo" is I love you. "hermana" is sister. "amiga" is friend (female). tata/chao are goodbye. "vamos" is let's go. "hasta luego" is see you later. Maybe the sentence was intended to say 'I love you like a sister, friend. Bye, see ya later!' I'm not sure.

What does hasta dias mean?

until days