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Heroin. Actually, there's seldom much interest in distinguishing which specific opioid drug you took, so heroin, opium itself, and morphine all test as pretty much the same thing.

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Q: What does heroin test positive for?
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How do you test for heroin?

You test positive for morphine after you use heroin

Can eating poppy seeds make you test positive for heroin?

If you eat a lot of poppy seeds you can have a positive test for opiates in general, not for heroin specifically.

Can Sominex make you test positive for Benzos in a urine drug test?

definitely, it will also test positive for heroin. Be careful.

Does Subutex cause a false positive in a urine test for heroin?


Does augmentin show up on a drug test?

Augmentin will show up on a drug test positive as heroin, Mostly all antibiotics will show positive in a drug test but it depends on the chemicals inside it some will show as cocaine and some will show as heroin.

Can hydrocodone test for amphetamines?

Hydrocodone is an Opiate based painkiller, so no, It cannot test positive for Amphetamines - but it will on the other hand, Test positive for Opiates (Heroin, Morphine, Oxycodone ect.)

Can you test positive for marijuana for eating poppy seeds?

Worse. It doesn't show up for marijuana, but it does show up for heroin. So if you eat a poppy seed muffin you will now test positive for heroin for a little while. (This is no joke it has been tested and proven)

Does Tylenol with codine show up as heroin?

Codine is an opiate, and heroin is also an opiate. So if drug tested after taking Codine, you would test positive for opiates. Drug tests don't test for "heroin" or "Marijuana", they test for THC or Opiates, and other various controlled compounds.

Is it possible to have a false positive hair strand test for heroin and cocaine?

It's extremely unlikely, the hair test is 99.95% accurate.

Can morphine give positive results for heroin?

Drug testing labs usually don't specifically test for "heroin", they test for opiates in general, and yes, morphine will show up on those tests.Morphine, heroin, and codeine are all very closely related chemically.

What will make a urine test show positive results for 6-monoacetylmorphine if there is no heroin use?

Poppy seeds.

Can demoral make you test positive for cocaine?

no, they are in completely different drug categories...maybe aderol or Ritalin depending on the specific test, demerol will test + for heroin if anything