What does history teaches us?


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history teaches us lessons , so the mistakes are not performed again and great work encourage us .

History also teaches you where your ancestors came from. It shows patterns in human nature. It teaches you how to predict the future with current events. By knowing history you know what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to politics. The one person you never want to get into a debate with is a historian.


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History teaches us about the past, which helps us make decisions in the future and (hopefully) learn from mistakes.

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History teaches us allot of things. Mainly, what we did wrong, how not to do it again, or if we do, how to straighten it out. That is, as long as you actually learn your lesson the first time. If not, history will keep repeating itself, as many say is happening today. But studying history is a good thing. Even in todays world and problems.

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it helps us learn from our mistakes..and it teaches us who we are and where we came from..also history helps us understand different people and societies around the world.

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History is that which had happened in past time & social science is something that teaches us how to live in society taking lessons from history.

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History teaches us that any monarchy or political system can be overthrown.

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