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Ixnay (the usual spelling) is Pig Latin for the English slang word "nix", which means basically "no way".

It might also be Pig Latin for the (British and Australian) term "snick", which means to just tip a ball with the bat, usually resulting in a catch dismissal.

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Q: What does icksnay in pig latin mean?
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What does Emily mean in pig latin?

Emily doesn't mean anything in pig latin. You would SAY Emily "Emilyway" in pig latin, if that's what you were trying to ask.

What does cold mean in pig latin?

Pig Latin for cold is old-cay.

What does Carly mean in pig latin?

Pig Latin for Carly is Are-lee-cay.

What does happy birthday mean in pig latin?

it means, " I have something for you" in Pig Latin

What does X-Ray mean in pig latin?

If you mean please translate x-ray then this is what x-ray is in pig latin: xay-ayray

What does x ray mean in pig latin?

If you mean please translate x-ray then this is what x-ray is in pig latin: xay-ayray

What does O nay mean?

O-nay is Pig- (or Dog-) Latin for "no." In Pig-Latin, the first sound of a word is moved to the end, followed by "-ay." Pig-Latin is Igpay-Atinlay

What does clodagh mean in pig latin?

That does not look like anything in Pig Latin. There is a River Clodagh in Ireland, and there are women with the given name Clodagh.

How do you say shutup in pigladen?

Do you mean "Pig Latin"? Pig Laden is slang for ... something else entirely. "Shut up" in Pig Latin would be Utshay Upay

What is the Greek or Latin word sus mean?

Latin "sus" means swine/pig

What does onay ayway mean in Pig Latin?

no way?

What does onay mean in pig latin?

The word 'onay' is NO.

What is Pig Latin for 'pig'?

Pig Latin for pig is 'ig-pay'. Pig Latin for Latin is 'Atin-lay'. So you could say that you are speaking 'Ig-pay Atin-lay'.

What is the beautiful mean in pig latin?

ethay eautfulbay eanmay

What does pig-ere mean in Latin?

To be annoyed, to dislike, to regret, to repent.

What is Sam in pig Latin?

"Sam" in Pig Latin is, Am-Say.

What does uday uyah elleray mean in pig latin?

It doesn't mean anything. If you want to speak pig latin it is done by taking the consanant(s), putting them at the end of the word and adding "ay" to the end For example: if you wanted to say "the candy wrapper is in the trash" you would say "ethay andycay apperwray siay niay ethay ashtray" in pig latin *TIP: all pig latin words start with the 1st vowel of the word.

How do you say rat in pig latin?

Pig Latin for rat is at-ray.

When is pig latin day?

Pig Latin for day is ay-day.

Larry in pig latin?

"Larry" in Pig Latin is, Arry-Lay.

What is boy in pig latin?

Oybay means boy in pig Latin.

What is George in pig latin?

"George" in Pig Latin is, Eorge-Gay.

What is music in pig latin?

"Music" in Pig Latin is, Usic-May.

What country speaks pig latin?

Pig Latin is a code, not a language.

How do you spell I in Pig Latin?

The word, "I" is spelled, "I-yay," in Pig Latin.