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The word implicate may refer to saying something without being direct or stating that someone was involved in a crime. For example, if the evidence from a crime scene implicates someone, then that person was involved in the crime.

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What is the noun for implicate?

The noun forms of the verb to implicate are implicationand the gerund, implicating.

How can you use the word Implicate in a sentence?

the political rivals are trying to implicate the minister by alleging that he was involved in the scam

What is the synonym of incriminate?


What is an antonym for implicate?

Extricate, distance, or dissociate.

How do you use implicate in a sentence?

the criminal implicated his wife when he was arrested

How does the theme of carpe diem implicate the meaning in the nymphs reply to the shepherd?

I'm afraid you cannot implicate a meaning, however much you try, because a meaning cannot be held responsible.

What is the abstract noun of implicated?

The word "implicated" is the past participle of the verbto implicate. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.The abstract noun form of the verb to "implicate" is implication.

Who can implicate copyright?

The copyright holder or their appointed representative can take action.

Can you put these words in alphabetical order improbable implicate imposition improper impatient improvised immdiate immature cautiously permanently?

cautiously,immature,immediate,impatient,implicate, imposition,improbable,improper,improvised,permanently

What does the prefix in the word implicate mean?

The prefix im- in this case means "in". im- along with its variant in- can also mean "not". The word implicate broken into its word parts means in-, "in" +-plic-, "fold" + -ate "cause to be" or literally "cause to be folded in".A way to remember the prefix im- and in- is this story. This guy is having a hard time with where he is or whether or not he's going to ante in a game of poker. He's saying "I'm in. I'm not in." Over and over.

What was the first top administration official to implicate President Nixon?

fred thompson

How did Booth implicate his fellow conspirators even before the deed was done?


Is the word implicates a singular noun?

'Implicates' is a form of the verb 'to implicate', conjugated in the present tense. The noun, 'implicator', is a mathematical term.Another noun associated with the verb to implicateis implication, meaning the act of implicating or implying; that which is implied.

How is the worldwide development in Physics implicate the society and has changed man's thinking about nature?


Example of implicate used in a sentence?

They were so upset that they implicated the whole family in their problem

Why is the 5th amendment important?

you do not have to implicate your self or be your own witness. There are legal rights to protcet individuals.

Why did heck tate insisit that bob Ewell fell on his own knife?

in order not to implicate boo

What rhymes with insinuate?

Try insulate, ingratiate, appreciate, repudiate, validate, implicate, navigate, and celebrate.

What argument does Creon use to convince Oedipus he did not conspire with Tiresias to implicate the king as the murderer of Laius?


Why do the Taliban take things from afghans?

In order to strike fear into the public and implicate power. They also do it to supply themselves.

Why Muscovite is lighter then biotite?

Chemical composition determines density. In this case, I think it's safe to implicate iron content.

What did pip's convict tell the soldiers about the brandy and pie in the novel Great Expectations?

In order not to implicate Pip, he tells them he stole them.

Why did Alexander become king so young?

Alexander's father was assassinated. Some historians implicate his mother, or him, or both in the plot.

What is the minimum number of clues a suspect must exhibit on the walk and field sobriety test to implicate at least 0.10 BAC?


How did Edward Jenner's work implicate on the control of other diseases?

He encouraged future doctors to have an inspiration, instead of hesitating about doing their own experiments. :)