What does in Spanish abrigo?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What does in Spanish abrigo?
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How do you say rain coat in Spanish?

impermeable is how you say raincoat in spanish

How do you say 'coat' in spanish?

chequeta for jacket abrigo for big winter coat

What is the Spanish word for coat?


How do you say overcoat in spanish?


How do you say 'give me back the coat' in Spanish?

Devuélveme el abrigo.

How tall is Ty Abrigo?

Ty Abrigo is 5' 10".

When was Miguel Abrigo born?

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What nicknames does Ty Abrigo go by?

Ty Abrigo goes by Huang Fei Hong.

Can you give me some spanish clothing words?

pants- pantalones shirt= camisa shoes-zapatos t-shirt- camiseta socks- calcetines sweater- abrigo coat - abrigo(heavy one) tie- corbata scarf-bufanda hat-sombrero cap- gorra gloves-guantes

What actors and actresses appeared in Abrigo - 1998?

The cast of Abrigo - 1998 includes: Elena Gowland Pedro Mac Mullen

What does abrigo mean in eglish?


What does un abrigo means?

A coat