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This code could mean: * the camshaft position sensor could be defective,

* the camshaft synchronizer (the part that took the place of the distributor on DIS engines) has failed,

* if you have recently had the camshaft synchronizer replaced it could be out of time.

Alignment tools are available DenLors, however they are not usually needed if the old synchronizer is marked carefully before removal, many tech's keep a small bottle of white touch up paint in their tool box for this purpose.

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What does p1309 inspection code means on a ford windstar?

P1309 Misfire Monitor Disabled

Ford Explorer p1309?

Trouble code P1309 means: Misfire Monitor Hardware - CMP Misaligned, CKP/CMP Noise, PCM AICE Chip

What does dtc code p1309 for a 2001 Mercury Sable mean?

my car has a code p1309 2001 mercury sable. What is the problem. thanks

Can you write a sentence using the word inspection?

I passed the building code inspection today.

How do you fix P1309 misfire monitor hardware malfunction?


Was does the color of the Texas inspection sticker mean?

The color means the inspection type

What is ocular inspection?

An "ocular inspection" means, to use your eyes to look at or inspect something.

Hello you have Toyota Camry le year 2000 this fail in inspection and the failing code is po401 po446 what is this code how can you repair?

Trouble code P0401 means: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected replace the EGR valve Trouble code P0446 means: Evaporative Emission System Vent Control Circuit

What is visual inspection in drugs?

It means you look at them.

Who is responsible for the Uniform Plumbing Code?

Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) is a model code developed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) to govern the installation and inspection of plumbing systems as a means of promoting the public's health, safety and welfare.

What things are looked for in a mobile home code inspection in Ca?

It has to be perfect.

How do you pass an inspection with check engine light on in a 97 dodge neon?

you don't. find out what the code means, and get it fixed. You cannot simply: unplug the light, it has to light for the preliminary inspection, and the code will still be there and will be found when they hook your car up to a scan tool; reset the car, the sensors have to reset the monitors before you take it in which will kick you out for the monitors not being ready.

What is mean by est code?

est means iscode is codeSo, possibly, "est code" means "is code"

What is the difference between a periodic and scheduled inspection?

periodic means on a regular basis. The inspection is done for example every two weeks while a scheduled inspection is done just once and only when you ask for it

1999 Ford Ranger check engine light is on for code P1309 what is it and how costly to repair?

p1039 for a 1999 ford ranger indicates a camshaft position sensor fault. it could be the sensor, wiring, or the PCM. must be properly diagnosed to determine the real fault.

What does Acura service code A mean on a 2005 Acura RL?

It means that your 2005 Acura RL is due for an oil and oil filter change, general look over/inspection, and check tire pressures.

My F0rd F150 truck failed inspection with this code P0420. What does this code-P0420 mean?

Catalytic converter efficiency failure.

Who holds the patents for automatic video scanning and inspection methods?

who has the patents award in the 1950's for automatic video scanning and inspection methods which led to a bar code technology?

What is the likely cause of code PO327 on inspection report?

Problem with Knock Sensor circuit #1

What do you think it means to be road safe?

That the vehicle has passed a DOT safety inspection.

Will a knock sensor code fail a nys inspection?

That will cause you to fail an emissions inspection. Anything which triggers the CEL will, because everything which triggers it will adversely impact the emissions system on that vehicle.

Code p0410 is coming up on 2001 Saturn SC2 wont pass inspection?

Trouble code P0410 means:Secondary air injection system malfunction

What is poultry inspection?

Poultry inspection usually means that there is someone in a chicken factory making sure that the chicken which is being processed into food is not contaminated and that everything looks ok with the meat.

What is the colour code for propane gas lines?

Yellow is the color code for propane gas lines. This makes it easier to identify for things such as inspection or locating a problem.

What does a Pontiac Sunfire failed inspection for P0300?

Trouble code P0300 means:Random/multiple cylinder misfire detected