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What does insufficient credit mean?

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Insufficient credit mean that there is either "no credit" information available or not "enough" credit information to base another credit decision on. He/she has not financed a car, loan, and/or a charge card at all or has only had it for a very short period of time (6 months or less). In other words, if you are looking for a loan, and I pull your credit, and there is nothing there to show me that you will or can pay on time, you have insufficient credit on which to base a decision.

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What does insufficient credit history mean?

You have not established any credit, such as a credit card, auto purchase so nothing is going to show on your credit history.

Do you pay off your credit history if you have a insufficient credit score?

If you have n't a sufficient credit score, you don't pay off your credit history. It is impossible.

How do you fix insufficient remaining store credit on apple account?

Add more credit, or find something cheaper

What are synonyms for insufficient?

Lack, deficient, faulty, inadequate, or meager. Those words mean insufficient.

What does insufficient credit file mean?

There is not enough credit history for the lender to make a decision. The credit file is a history and if it doesn't go back far enough, or have enough accounts on it, they can't make an informed decision. To solve try to get small things that will appear on your credit, possibly a card with a 500 dollar limit, etc.

What does it mean when a credit card is declined?

There are multiple reasons why a credit card could be declined. The most common reason is that there were insufficient funds available on the card. Other reasons could be that the store doesn't accept that card, or that there is an alert placed on the card for that type of store.

What does angosto mean in spanish?

narrow, close, insufficient

When you have a cosigner on an auto loan is your credit considered at all?

yes, the reason for the co-signer is either due to lack of credit or the possibility of insufficient income to repay the loan

What does the word insufficient mean?

It means not enough. E.g. The man couldn't get any cash from the machine as he had insufficient funds in his bank account.

When do you need a cosigner?

If you have insufficient credit strength for a lending institution to accept a loan you'll need a co-signer.

What does IUR mean on a credit report under the category rating?

It means that the particular item on the credit report has insufficient reporting information from the creditor and therefore cannot be rated at that particular time. IUR might stand for Information un-rated. This could apply to a new account or an account that does not report information to the particular credit bureau.

How do insufficient funds affect your credit?

The way you deal with your checking account can affect your credit report. If you bounce checks your credit rating will go down making loans and credit harder to get. If you have always tried hard to keep your credit in good shape then I am sure you know all the dos and don

What does insufficient air flow mean?

Insufficient air flow means not enough air is moving for the task at hand. For example, a clogged filter will not let enough air through, creating insufficient air flow.

What is another word for insufficiend?

Did you mean insufficient? If so: Not enough, inadequate.

What does the word insuffcient mean?

Insufficient-lacking in what is necessary or required

What does the prefix 'in' mean?

It means "not" e.g. "insufficient" vs "sufficient"

What does suspicion mean?

A suspicion is a guess which has no evidence or insufficient evidenceto support it.

What does it mean if your pee is bright yellow?

Dehydrated. Insufficient water consumption

What does a 3 before the area code mean?

Insufficient information to answer your question.

What does insufficient debt experience mean?

In short it means that you have one or both of the following problems: 1.) You haven't paid off enough debt in a timely manner for a company to trust you to pay back any debt you may incur or 2.) You haven't established credit. The easiest way to establish credit is to get a credit card and and pay back the debt when its due on the credit card statement is due not in bulk.

What does it mean when a check returned for insufficient funds results in a return check credit posting to your bank account?

It means that the bank has not yet upgraded your account so in a couple of days check your account again and it should be fixed

What must you do if you arent able to get a credit card?

It depends WHY you're ineligible for a credit card ! If it's because of a bad credit history (ie missed, late or insufficient payments) - there are cards available that will help you rebuild your status. Credit companies are literally 'falling over themselves to hand out credit cards these days.

How does a diet lacking lipid cause a vitamin deficiency?

Because Vitamins A and D are fat soluble, so insufficient fats mean insufficient vitamins A and D

What does it mean when a judge says no disqualification is imposed mean?

Insufficient information is given in the question to form an opinion.

Does your credit score go down if you close a credit card account but do not have any credit card balances?

No. The only thing that has any negative effect on your score is missed payments, insufficient payments, over limit fees, late fees etc.