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That there is not enough information reported to the credit bereau yet to calculate a rating or risk. It usually applies to young adults who have not yet had a credit card, auto loan, or other contract which requires payment under specified criteria.

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What does 1 credit mean on itunes?

1 credit means you can buy a song with that credit

What do brackets in credit and debits entries mean?

(-) means credit amount and positive amount means debit

What does sales credit mean?

it means credit from a large company

What does limited credit experience mean?

Limited credit experience means that a person does not have much in the way of credit history. This means that a person has used credit as payment in the past, but not to a great deal.

What does cancelled by credit grantor mean?

Cancelled by credit grantor means that your credit card account was closed by the creditor. This means that it was cancelled by the person extending you credit, rather than being cancelled by you.

What does a unit mean in college?

A unit usually means one credit A unit usually means a college credit

What does credit on debit card means?

Available credit or in general credit on a Debit card means - the amount of money you have in your bank account. Lets say you have Rs. 10000 in your account then your credit is Rs. 10000 only.

What does O.A.C mean?

Usually "on approved credit" Means if you're approved you get credit

What does an Equifax credit score of 746 mean?

It means your credit is in "Excellent Standing"

What is the difference between open ended credit and closed end credit?

Open end credit means khullam khulla udhar lena band.Closed end credit means chup k udhar lena band

What does one college credit mean?

Credit hours simply reflects the time duration of the semester. 3 credit hour means = 3 hours class per week 2 credit hour means = 2 hours class per week 1 credit hour means = 1 hour class per week

What is credit investigator means?

Someone who checks on peoples credit and ability to pay bills.

A customers credit card information is encrypted This means that the cards information is?

A customer's credit card information is encrypted. This means that the card's information is:

What is credit customer?

Credit customer means that this customer has a credit term with the company. Credit term means that the customer can pay at a later date. Illustrations: Alice is your credit customer, she has credit term of 60 days. Alice bought stuff from you on 1st Jan, she can then pay you on 60 days after 1st Jan, which is 28th February.

What does credited mean?

it means you credit something

What is a credit score 9003 mean?

It means that your credit bureau did not have a sufficient credit history, and instead sent a filler number to populate.

What does it mean you are qualified for a credit card?

It means a credit card company wants to put you into debt by giving you a credit card you can use.

Difference between credit and debit card?

credit card means post paid card debit card means pre-paid card

Compile the credit card receipts means?

It means to gather them all together.

What does a 0 on your credit rating mean?

It means that you do not have a credit yet.Aplly for a credit card at locally store and charge something then pay it off right awat then you will have a credit rating.

What does credit mean to retailers and other businesses?

The question is unclear - are you requesting what consumer credit means to retailers/businesses or what commercial credit means to retailers/businesses. Please clarify so we are better able to answer the question.

What does HC mean on a credit report?

HC on a credit report means High Credit. This is the highest amount of money a creditor has issued to you in the past.

What does alternate tender mean for a credit card transaction?

An alternate tender means for a credit card means a vendor or purchaser presents an alternate form of payment.

Are purchases account is increased by a credit and decreased by a debit?

Purchases account is personal account in nature so debit means increase and credit means decrease.

What is mean by credit approval?

Credit approval means your credit history will have to be checked before you can be approved for a loan, credit card, etc. If your credit report (history) is not good, then the chances are you will be turned down for a loan, credit cards, etc.